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Looking for something a little less spicy?

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Looking for something a little less spicy than sexy swingers?

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(excerpt from Unexpecting by Holly Kerr)

A woman’s prime period of fertility occurs between the years of twenty-two and twenty-eight, with each year decreasing the chance of a happy and healthy conception.  After the age of thirty-seven, a woman should not attempt the conceive.

 – quote from A Young Woman’s Guide to the Joy of Impending Motherhood. Dr. Francine Pascal, 1941

Bullshit, I know.

But for some reason that passage has stuck with me for years.

Most of me will agree I’m being silly in taking the words of a long-dead doctor to heart, but an itty-bitty part of me is still listening and using my fingers to count the months on the calendar until I hit the De-Fertility Zone.  Silly, I know, but I can’t seem to help it.

Author: hollykerrauthor

Author of chicklit novels, Unexpecting, Coming Home, Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder and The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

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