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Office Plays series

intended for those 18+

Office Plays Trilogy


Office Plays

These office employees really like to get busy at work.

Office hook-ups are Callie’s thing. She’s got her eye on Michael but he’s off-limits until he works out the blueprints with his girlfriend—which gives Callie plenty of time to get extra help with any of her co-workers who catches her eye. And this week, it’s Jason.

Brienne has her eye on her boss, he of the tight pants and sexy accent, but he’s made it clear that his tastes run a little kinkier than what Brienne’s used to. But once Brienne sees his office drawer of tricks, she decides it’s time to apply for a new position with him.

Sadie’s trying to delete the memories of a past love and the distraction of new receptionist is certainly helping her clear her inbox. Coffee breaks will never be the same but Sadie soon learns that there are rules about mixing business and pleasure.

And Abby’s breaking all the rules with her own workplace romance.

They spend all day in the office. Why not enjoy it?


Secrets and Lies

You can’t have an office like this without a few secrets and lies.

Sadie tries to keep her affair quiet, especially when she discovers Alma is married to the president of the company. Then she finds out they have Sadie in mind for a very special project.

Callie is the queen of hook-ups and loves taking risks but the more time she spends with Michael, the less she’s interested in casual office plays. Business has always been a time for pleasure, but things take a different turn when her heart gets involved.

The new employee at the office is keeping Abby from her job. She’s desperate to keep their history from her husband and from everyone else.

These office employees work hard and have fun doing it but their extra-activities are about to get them into trouble.

PrintLove After Hours 

The time of office plays is coming to an end

The president of the company might enjoy his office plays with Sadie, but his rules banning all employee relationship has Callie up in arms even though she hasn’t sealed the deal with Michael yet. Their early morning meeting ended with Michael returning to work, and his girlfriend, leaving Callie nursing a broken heart.

Brienne is trying to forget her past mistakes but the arrival of Cooper makes her wonder if she’s about to make an even bigger one.

Jason’s new responsibilities means he knows even more about the employees and but when he finds out more about the president, he worries that Sadie is over her head.

These employees are spending more time on romance than work! 


Lost WeekendsLost Weekends

Four steamy stories featuring the characters from Office plays trilogy

Prequel to Office Plays

Mr. Duck – Snowbound in her apartment the weekend before Christmas, Sadie’s having a major pity-party until her neighbour Laurel stops by to visit…while she’s enjoying a bubble bath with her ducky.

Looking for Candy – Abby’s exhausted from hosting family for Easter weekend but she perks up when Ben attempts to show her how much appreciates her during dinner.

Rest Stop – Traffic out of the city on a long weekend can be brutal, unless you meet up with a carload of younger guys at a rest stop.

Haunted by Him – At the annual neighbourhood Halloween party, Delia meets up with her mystery man for a few hours of mind-blowing sex. But who is he? And does Delia really want to know?

Get to know the excitable employees from Office Plays in these short stories

Office Plays – The Collection

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