Anna Ellis


Office Plays series

intended for those 18+

Office Plays Trilogy


Office Plays

 You spend at least eight hours a day in the office. Why not enjoy it?

I love the anticipation, the slow build of excitement before I meet someone in the office. I know it’s wrong, and I would be fired if I was found out, but it makes me feel so sexy to slip away from my desk for twenty minutes; coming back with pink cheeks and a buzz still between my legs.

I spend at least eight hours a day in this place. Why not make it as enjoyable as I can?


Secrets and Lies

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PrintLove After Hours coming April 2016.




Lost WeekendsLost Weekends

Sexy stories about four women not looking for excitement but finding it during long, lost weekends.  Introducing new characters from the new series, Office Plays!