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Blogging A-Z Challenge – J

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Happy Monday! We’re up J in the Blogging Challenge!

Book and Booze – The Characters of Anna Ellis and what they do for fun.

J is for Jacey

And Jacey is pretty important, because without her, they may not be other characters of Anna Ellis, because they might not have ever been other books of Anna Ellis, other than Making Friends.

The Husbands and Wives series follows Jacey’s progression from housewife to neighbourhood hot wife who dallies with them all.

I imagine Jacey as looking a bit like this:

Jacey is married to Dominic, who gives new meaning to understanding husband. Her almost genius I.Q., lack of simple social skills, and high libido quickly makes her a favourite among the new neighbours, and thanks to her, their simple Saturday night parties become more of a swinger lifestyle.

Even after the series finished, Jacey still had more story to tell, and ended up in two of the Adults Only books – Shared Accommodations and No Vacancy – and she’ll be showing up in my new series, Fantasies Book Club as well!

What’s your favourite colour? My favourite colour is purple, which is odd because it means signifies creativity and spirituality more than others. I also like red. Did you know that men respond best to women wearing the colour red. Women like men to wear red because it signifies dominance; men like women to wear red because it gets this excited, sort of like waving a red cape in front of a bull, but horny rather than angry. Are bulls even angry, or is that their natural personality?

Favourite food? Brownies just taken out of the oven, which isn’t the best because you can burn your mouth, or at least your tongue. I’m too impatient to wait.

Farthest you’ve ever travelled? Geelong, Australia. It’s a hundred and so kilometre from Toronto, at sixteen thousand, three hundred and twenty- nine kilometres.

If you were a musician, what would your band/one name be?  I don’t sing, I don’t play an instrument and I don’t even dance that well. So the thought of me being in a band is a stupid one. Next question

What’s your favourite 90’s jam? What I listened to in the 90s or what 90s music I like to listen to now. Because it’s different. I was ten in the 1990 and I listened to whatever my mother listened to, which was mostly music from the 70s.

I like listening to the boy bands

Teenage crush (famous person) I had a thing for Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Because he was so nice to Willow, who was smart

Favourite body part A man’s penis. When you think of it, it’s not all that attractive, but has the potential of giving the greatest pleasure when you factor in the intimacy of making love, rather than the simple act of foreplay and oral sex, which could technically be more pleasurable.

The last book you read and was it good I don’t read. I can read, but rarely do it for fun

Favourite alcoholic beverage? When I was younger, I would order the drinks with the most alcohol, to quicken the intoxication process, and it would also save money. My favourites were the Long Island Ice Tea, and Caribou Lou, which is a mix of rum, pineapple juice and Malibu rum. But after some research, I found something called an Aunt Roberta. This has no mix to it, just alcohol – equal parts gin, vodka, brandy, absinthe and blackberry liquor. The blackberry is obviously the part that tastes good

Last question!

Three words to describe you Intelligent. Adventurous. Experimental.

And highly sexed. I know that’s four, but you said I can answer whatever I want

And that’s Jacey! Want to get to know more about her – a lot more? Start with Making Friends and follow along!

ANNA ELLIS BOOKS: available on Amazon or read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Husbands and Wives series

  • Making Friends
  • The Husbands
  • The Wives
  • New Neighbours
  • Joe and Jacey
  • Husbands and Wives – The Collection
  • Interludes
  • Interludes II
  • Interludes III
  • Interludes – The Collection
  • Melissa
  • Paige

Adults Only series

  • Shared Accommodations
  • Room Service
  • Late Check Out
  • No Vacancy
  • Adults Only – The Collection

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