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Books By Holly Kerr

If you like Anna Ellis, give Holly Kerr a try! Holly has published four novels – Unexpecting (formerly Baby! Baby? Baby?), Coming Home, Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder and The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd. All have a similar style to Anna’s books, but with a little less spice!  Still with lots of sexy bits though!!!

Have a look:  And check out her Author Page at Amazon for more info on her books.


CharlotteDodd2The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

After taking an experimental drug to erase her memories of saving the world (or at least the country – several times) Charlotte is given a new life – a quiet, unassuming job, a second chance at love with Luke, and no one trying to kill her.

Two years later and with no recollection of saving the world, she steps in to help a random stranger and is amazed at the ease in which she dispatches her opponents using a rolled-up magazine. But how is that possible? She has Buffy-like fight moves, fires a gun with deadly accuracy and can use the air from car tires to keep breathing underwater.

When she meets Ham – why is he so familiar? The flashes, the déjà vu, the dreams – they’re not really dreams? Blowing up a building in Mexico, being buried alive – those things really happened to her? And what is her brother doing flying a plane? Turns out those two years of quiet with Luke was really an undercover mission to help bring down a secret organization targeting her family.

Charlotte needs to remember her secret life if she wants to save the world again and the only man she’s ever loved.

Available as ebook and in print

Amazon  Kobo B & N

UnexpectingAbsinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder

A best friend is someone who when you up at their door with a dead body, they say nothing, grab a shovel and follow you.

Josie sets off with Lana, Poppy and Meredith for a girls’ night out celebrating her 40th birthday with the best intentions. Dinner, dancing, a few drinks.  A little more drinking, in a few questionable locations. It’s good to catch up with the girls. But then… Josie realizes her husband isn’t cheating on her, but Poppy won’t talk about the fact that her husband is. Lana won’t talk about her ex, Ted and Meredith is trying to hide something.The secrets start to come out. And then something bad happens.

Secrets can really ruin a friendship.

Ebook and print copies available  from Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble


Coming Home coverComing Home

Loving your sisters is easy. Liking them is the hard part. Brenna Ebans always wanted more than what Hill n’Valley could give her, so it seemed a simple decision to follow her black-sheep sister Dory’s footsteps and leave Hill n’Valley in her rearview, hoping to locate their missing father. Leaving her sisters and her first love Seamus was harder than she thought, she’s made a life for herself in Vancouver, started her career at a prestigious law firm, and has found the man of her dreams. But when she finds her husband Toby in a compromising position at work, she loses both her love and her job, and has nowhere to go but home. Youngest sister Cat has remained in Hill n’Valley, leaving a string of broken hearts—and ex-husbands—in her wake. She’s happy living in the family home, with the ghost of their dead mother to keep her company during the day, and her latest conquest—Brenna’s old boyfriend, Seamus—to keep her warm at night. And she’s less than thrilled to hear about Brenna’s return. But when tragedy strikes, it brings their father back to Hill n’Valley, and the three sisters will have a lot of issues to resolve… Available as an ebook from Etopia PressAmazonKobo, and Barnes and Noble and everywhere

UnexpectingUnexpecting (Formerly Baby! Baby? Baby!)

Getting what you want doesn’t always go according to plan.
Thirty-five year old kindergarten teacher Casey Samms has always dreamed about having her own baby. Her copy of A Young Woman’s Guide to the Joy of Impending Motherhood is telling her time is running out, and so Casey has been steadily wading through the pool of eligible bachelors for years – with absolutely no luck. Bidding farewell to a cheating boyfriend and to dating in general, Casey decides to jump on board of having a baby the artificial way, even though everyone tries to talk her out of it.
Casey is stubbornly determined to see her dream come true and checks out every man she comes in contact with as a potential donor. Just when she’s beginning to give the word desperate a new meaning, an old boyfriend jumps back into her life. Now all Casey has to do is try to convince him that he is the one to help her become a mother. Or is he?
As Casey prepares to realize her lifelong dream, she is about to get the surprise of her life. And finds out that what is unexpected can often turn out better than anything you can dream about.

Available from Amazon Kobo  in ebook and print

If you’re in the mood for something a little more…vanilla… give me a try. Holly xo


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