Anna Ellis


Husbands and Wives series

Husbands and Wives Series

Fun, fictional tales about a group of naughty neighbours!

It’s time for you to visit the swinging suburbs!

Husbands and Wives – The Collection

 Now all 5 Husbands and Wives books are in one collection!  Available as ebook and in print!



Making Friends

Key parties and swingers, oh my!

“…all of Anna Ellis’ books in this series are hot!!!” – Amazon review

When happily married couple Jacey and Dominic move onto Honeysuckle Court, Jacey is surprised at how welcoming their new neighbours are. She’s never been good at making friends but once the boxes are unpacked, the invites for potlucks and playdates begin. Making friends has never been this easy.

It’s not until the couple get their invite for Tia’s Saturday night party that Jacey and Dominic realize what’s going on.

Their new neighbors are swingers.

Young, attractive, happily married couples ready to play and willing to swap partners as easily as borrowing a cup of sugar.

And they want Jacey and Dominic to join them.

Find out about more about Jacey and Dominic’s new friends!


The Husbands

Meet the husbands!

… meet the husbands and things get steamy.”- Amazon review 

Dominic and Jacey’s new neighbors are swingers—happily married couples looking to swap and swing. They’ve invited Dominic and Jacey to their party where keys are exchanged, partners are swapped and hot wives are enjoyed by all.

After a steamy evening with someone’s husband, Jacey can’t wait to get to know the other neighbors, especially hunky handyman Joe.

It’s time to meet the Husbands in the second book of sexy swingers!


The Wives

It’s time for the wives!

“…will make you re-evaluate Mommy play-dates after reading this!” – Amazon review

Moving onto Honeysuckle Court has opened doors for Jacey – especially the doors to the neighbours’ bedrooms! Being around a group of swingers has unleashed Jacey’s inhibitions and Dominic loves hearing about her interludes.
Jacey’s having fun getting to know the husbands but she has a soft spot for Joe. There’s something about his stoic nature and his hunky physique that has Jacey dreaming about him.

But it’s the wives who want to get to know Jacey better, resulting in an X-rated playdate that definitely doesn’t involve milk and cookies!

And Dominic wants to hear all about it.

Ready to meet the ladies of Honeysuckle Court? You’ll be glad you did!


New Neighbours

New neighbours have moved in!

“Our author has certainly found her niche with swinger erotica.” – Amazon review 

Jacey and Dominic are no longer the new neighbours.

Our group of sexy swingers enjoy each other, but when a new couple move onto the street, everyone is excited to meet new friends. And will they want to be more than just friends?

When Jacey and the other wives on Honeysuckle Court first meet fireman Nathan, they can’t wait to invite him in join their group of sexy swingers. But Nathan’s wife Emma has the final say in whether they join in, and Dominic hopes she says yes.

But while waiting for Tia’s next party, Jacey finds her own way to get to know her new neighbour.

Meet the new neighbours!

Joe and Jacey

There’s always been something special between Joe and Jacey. 

“Swinging is about sharing, but what happens when you develop strong feelings for just one partner? Particularly if it is not the one you are married to?”

Joe was the first person Jacey met after moving into the neighborhood of swingers. They’ve had long talks late at night, afternoon visits getting to know each other, but Joe is still a mystery to Jacey, especially how he feels about her.

After Joe and Jacey make love for the first time, something shifts between them. For once, Jacey can’t tell Dominic about her interlude with Joe, and Joe can’t seem to handle the thought of Jacey being with the other husbands.

Joe wants Jacey all to himself.

But is Jacey willing to give up the other husbands and wives for Joe? Find out what happens in the final book in the Husbands and Wives series.




Neighbours Melissa and Mahak attend a Valentine’s day party where they meet a new group of neighbours who have their own way of celebrating!



Jacey’s new friend Paige has decided it’s time to return to work. What happens when her first interview is with a man from her past – one who has never forgotten what they shared?




Every neighbour has a story. What’s yours?

Interludes are 3 collections of sexy short stories told from the point of view from your favourite neighbours

This is definitely not your normal neighbourhood.  Or maybe it is!


And now all three books in one collection. Nine stories from your favourite sexy swingers!

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