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anna imageHey there!

I’ve gotten lots of new followers this week and I’m really excited about that!!  So I thought I’d let you get to know me a little!


Main thing you want to know if you’re visiting my site for the first time:  I’m an author.  I love to write, I love my readers and I love interacting with my readers!  I write a series of erotic romance books about a group of happily married couples who find a little extra excitement with their nrighbours.  My Husbands and Wives series may be coming to an end, but never fear – I’ve got lots of plans for the next series!!  How many of you work in an office?! 😉

Along with my ‘dirty’ books, I also write not-as-steamy- novels under the name Holly Kerr.

I found a couple of get-to-know you questionnaires on-line and I mixed them up to find questions I wanted to answer!!  Feel free to let me about yourself in the links!! xo


About me:

Favourite salty snack: Miss Vicki’s Balsamic and Sweet Onion potato chips

Song I love to dance to: anything – I love to dance!

Vegetable I hate: onion

If I could have a drink from someone from history – Henry VIII – to see what the fuss was about.  Of course I might end up married to him, or beheaded – or both!!

Worst physical pain: tore my hamstring.  ouch.  Almost threw up, passed out, and I cried.  It was a bad night!

What makes you laugh: something unexpected.  I love comments people make during a conversation when you’re not expecting something funny or inappropriate to come out of theirchris pratt mouths and you almost pee yourself laughing.  Laughing is a huge turn-on for me and I love someone who makes me laugh!!

Who taught me to cook: my daddy

What colour underwear am I wearing right now: green with purple lace trim.  I don’t do tightie-whities (or thongs, FYI!)

kirk cameronFavourite celebrity as a child:  this will age me! I don’t have just one – Kirk Cameron, Michael Jackson and the boys from the Goonies!

What word describes me: happy.  I love my life!  If you’re not happy, do something to fix it!

Do I love or hate rollercoasters:  I love them but my body has started to rebel and I get dizzy/nauseas when I go on too many.  But I still love them

My dream sandwich:  rye bread, salami, summer sausage, provolone cheese and a leaf of lettuce

Favourite cartoon growing up – Jem and and Holograms. Or the Smurfs

Coolest thing I’ve been for Halloween.  I have lots of good memories from Halloween but a few of my favs have been when my university roommate dressed me up as a pumpkin to take me trick or treating (we were 22), when I dressed up as a spice rack (names of spices taped to my body) and my Princess Leia costume!  (no not the gold bikini one!)





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Author of chicklit novels, Unexpecting, Coming Home, Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder and The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

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