Anna Ellis


Fantasies Book Club

Four Women and a Man talk dirty books.

Tired of book clubs that cater to classics and Oprah picks, Gemma, Emmy, Callie, Nia and Malcolm come together to read a different sort of book; the kind with sizzling scenes that make you blush, with key parties and harems and finding your soulmates, each with a HEA completely implausible but with all of the feels.

Fantasies Book Club. Where books do come true.


Happily married Gemma and Jasper have dipped a toe into the seductive world of swinging when Jasper leaves on an extended work trip. Not only does Jasper suggest Gemma stay home, but he thinks they should try an open marriage.

While Jasper is away, Gemma gets to play. The only rule is Jasper gets to hear all about it.

But freedom has it’s costs—Gemma needs to stop being the sweet, submissive type and start going after what she wants.

In the club…in the library…in the grocery store.

Thanks to Fantasies Book Club, Gemma soon learns what she wants…and how to go and get him.


Emmy needs a good love story.

Single mom Emmy listens to Gemma’s details of grocery store pickups and library hookups with awe and more than a little envy. But reading steamy scenes in books will have to be enough, because for Emmy, putting your kids first means picking them up from hockey practice, not picking up the hot bouncer. Especially when the hot bouncer turns out to be her son’s hockey coach.

Even though Will offers more than a shoulder to rest on and whose smile starts something in Emmy that she hasn’t felt for a long time.

Emmy might have missed out on clubs and casual relationships while she raised her boys, but she proved she still has a wild side on her recent trip to Mexico. The memories of Emmy’s one-afternoon-stand with Coulter keep her warm at night… until the real Coulter shows up.

With both men vying for her, will Emmy let her fantasies of ruin what might be the real thing with Will?

Callie has tried everything.

Callie’s got lots of tricks on her FunForMe bucket list, everything from office rendezvous and swinger resorts, to threesomes and even foursomes; leaving fond memories, broken hearts, and one divorce in her wake. Only one man has come close to breaking her heart.

Until Marcus.

It took only one night for Marcus to get under her skin, and months of trying to get him out of her thoughts. Because the one thing Callie hasn’t tried is true love. She’d rather keep things casual and fun, keeping her secret side hidden with her cats at home. But Marcus’ sudden reappearance threatens her happy-go-lucky lifestyle, and the books suggested by the Fantasies Book Club aren’t helping, because they only point to Callie finally getting her happily ever after.

If she’d only stop fighting it.

Will Callie start believing in true love, or will she keep pushing away anyone who gets close? Find out if she gets her happily ever after in the third book in the Fantasies Book Club series!

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Nia wants to get her life back on track but first, she needs to learn to love herself.

No one says you can’t have fun doing that.

Nia’s been divorced for so long she’s forgotten what it’s like to have a man in her life—or in her bed. And she’s tired of listening to the others in the book club give the dirty details about all the fun they’re having.

It’s time for Nia to have some fun.

Enter Mature Adult Females— the website that will give you a perfect night, with anything and everything you want. What Nia wants is to get her groove back on, and forget about her ex’s voice in her head detailing everything that’s wrong with her.

Now Nia’s ready to show the world what’s right about her. But will her new friends make her miss out on Mr. Right? Find out in the fourth book in the Fantasies Book Club series!

Hot dude reading and he’s looking for his own happily ever after!

It’s true: Malcolm joined a book club to meet women. But things change when he’s included in the Fantasies Book club, where the past and present of the ladies are steamier than the books they read.

The women are smart, sexy, and fun, which has been lacking in Malcolm’s life since his divorce. Callie, Emmy, Gemma and Nia welcome him as one of their own. As the group becomes closer, Malcolm finds himself in the friend zone, the last place he wants to be with Nia.

Will Malcolm and Nia get their R-rated love story or will they stay as friends?