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Touch Series

SecretsLiesThis nine book series asks the question – what happens when you meet the man of your dreams…and his wife?Intended for mature readers, 18+

Is it possible to share?Intended for mature readers, 18+

Intended for mature readers, 18+


What happens when you meet the man of your dreams…and his wife?

After her divorce, Kenna has spent the last two years hiding from the world. She tells herself that she’s happy being able to create; writing and illustrating children’s books, but the truth is that she misses the company of others.

The touch of others.

When she meets Iliya, Kenna feels an instant connection. Female friendship is also something she’s missed. But will her new friendship with Iliya be threatened when she begins to fall for Iliya’s husband Del?

Or will the relationship become something entirely different – something Kenna’s not sure she’s ready for.

Touch. An unconventional romance.

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What are readers saying?

Touch is the first book in a new series, and if the next books are as good as this one it promises to be a great series. The book cover calls this ‘an unconventional love story’, and with what we’ve seen so far I’d definitely agree with that statement! I like the author’s style of writing, and I absolutely love the characters that she’s created. The three main characters all have the likability factor, and I’m look forward to getting to know them further in the next book.
Since her divorce Kenna has isolated herself from the world, she doesn’t really interact with anyone or have friends – until she meets gorgeous, vivacious Iliya. She is drawn to Iliya, but she also finds herself very attracted to Iliya’s handsome husband Del. The more she gets to know them, the more she likes them and she finds herself getting more and more involved in their lives.
This book ended just when things were heating up – I need the next book now! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kenna, Iliya and Del. Touch receives four out of five stars.

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Anna tells an emotional story of self awareness that brings every real emotion to the brink. From self worth and the fight to achieve one’s self worth, to the joy of living life as you find happiness, friendship and love and one’s own self.

Kenna’s loneliness is written with overwhelming emotion. She feels her life slipping into nothingness until one morning, the door to something else opens and pulls her onto a path she can’t resist. The newness Kenna feels and reacts to is uplifting to see. It’s as if you can see her eyes open and she can see light coming into the darkness. Her trepidation is written with a realism that can be felt with every page. Her excitement builds with the newness of her emotions towards a brighter path in front of her and how she embraces all that is.
Sensually enticing, apprehensively erotic with an excitement of new beginnings. Leaves you anticipating more!

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Touch. Iliya’s Story

What happens when you fall in love with a woman…

And you already have a husband?

Iliya and Del have an unconventional marriage.

There’s often another woman involved with them – most recently, Amy. But Iliya’s heart was broken by their former lover, and the last thing Del wants is to get involved with another woman. But Iliya tries to change his mind when she meets Kenna.

Iliya feels the touch of a connection as soon as she meets Kenna.
She wants to bring the young divorcee home to meet her husband Del, with the hope that Del might feel the same way.
Iliya’s looking for more excitement in her marriage. She thinks the addition of Kenna into their life would make both her and Del happy.
But Iliya also needs Kenna to keep her away from the destructiveness of William and his touch that keeps Iliya begging for more….

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SecretsLiesTouch. Del’s Story

What happens when your wife falls in love with another woman?

Del knows his wife Iliya likes to play – the two shared Amy for years. But that has ended and Del isn’t sure if he’s ready to bring another woman into the marriage again. After Amy, Del feels they need to take a break from others, focus on rebuilding what Amy tried to break apart. He wants to concentrate on Iliya.

There are still unresolved feelings between Del and Amy, and he’s concerned Iliya might be keeping secrets from him.

But everything changes when Iliya meets Kenna…

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Kenna has never met anyone like Iliya. Beautiful, sexy, confident Iliya pulls Kenna from the loveless, lonely life she’s been living in for the past two years. She’s never felt attraction for another woman, but with Iliya it’s easy and natural and opens up a world of pleasure Kenna has never imagined.

Not only does Iliya want Kenna, she wants Del to have her too.

While Kenna hungers for Iliya’s caress, she loves getting to know Del better. The layers of friendship and attraction deepen between the two, and Kenna agrees to what Iliya is offering – a relationship with both of them. They want her in their lives – and their bed.
But is that what Kenna really wants – to be loved by both Iliya and Del?

When her past meets her future, sending secrets spilling out, Kenna can’t be sure of anything.

Caress-AllCaress. Iliya’s Story

What happens when you have everything…and still want more?

Iliya knows how lucky she is to be married to Del. He’s everything any woman would ever want.

And yet, Iliya still wants more.

She wants to bring Kenna into their life, to distract her from William circling her like a shark, ready to pull her down to his depths. Pull her away from Del.
Iliya can’t believe how accepting Kenna is and how eager she is for Iliya’s caress. Iliya knows she has to bring Del into the closeness she shares with Kenna, but right now Iliya doesn’t want to share Kenna. At least not until Kenna is able to take Iliya’s mind off William and how much Iliya craves his touch.

But it’s not working. Despite everything Del and Kenna give her, will Iliya still be pulled into William’s caress?

Caress-AllCaress. Del’s Story

What happens when your wife lets you have who you want…and then takes it for herself?

Despite his reluctance to include another woman into his marriage, Del changes his mind when he gets to know Kenna. She’s sweet, intelligent and with a shared love of writing. Their initial friendship quickly develops into something more. Del agrees to the relationship because it’s what Iliya wants…but soon Del realizes he wants it too.
Del loves Iliya and accepts her need for others because he doesn’t want to lose her. He lived through the betrayal of his first wife and their painful divorce. Even though Del wants Iliya for himself, he justifies his tolerance because he knows she’s honest and truthful about who she plays with.
Or is she?

Del suspects there is more to Iliya’s relationship with William than she’s telling him. But it’s not until he discovers the truth about Iliya and Kenna that his world starts to unravel.



Is Kenna’s chance for happiness over before it begins?

Kenna gave herself to the idea of sharing her life with Iliya and Del, sharing herself with both of them. But it’s been Iliya who has occupied her thoughts, her desire…her body…

But what about Del? When he discovers the truth about Kenna and his wife, he’s hurt and betrayed and wants nothing to do with Kenna. While Kenna finds comfort with Aidan, a man from her past, will Iliya and Del find their way back to each other?

And if they do, what does that mean for Kenna?


 Embrace. Iliya’s Story

What happens when you let your desire rule your life?

Iliya has betrayed Del with Kenna, but still can’t resist the pull of William. When Del discovers what Iliya and Kenna have been doing, he storms out. And Iliya runs straight to William to receive his special kind of comfort.

Tied up, tied down and pushed to the limits of her boundaries, Iliya’s body still craves William’s touch. But it’s Del she loves. Will he ever forgive her?

And where does that leave Kenna?


Embrace. Del’s Story

What happens when you fall in love with a woman…and she isn’t your wife?

When Del discovers the truth about Kenna and Iliya, he’s hurt and betrayed – and leaves. A quick trip to Barbados helps clear his head. It’s time he stops trying to please Iliya. It’s time Del gets what he wants.

And what he wants is Kenna.

 Can Del find happiness with both Iliya and Kenna? Find out how it ends