Anna Ellis


Peek at The Husbands

Excerpt from The Husbands

The next day Dominic takes Hanna and Ben with him to the grocery store, leaving me with a much appreciated quiet house. The quiet doesn’t last for long, however. Almost as soon as Dom’s car pulls out of the cul-de-sac, the phone rings.

“Will you come over for a minute?” Melissa asks without any preamble.

“Now? I’m actually not dressed…”

Melissa gives a low chuckle. “Perfect. Just come on over, the door’s open.” Without another word, she hangs up.

I can’t help but wonder what she wants, but I’m curious enough to head outside. It hasn’t snowed for a few days, so the sidewalk is still clear, but I still tuck my pajama bottoms into my boots so they won’t drag in the snow. It only takes a moment before my hand is on Melissa’s door knob which easily opens under my touch.

“Hello?” I call out. No one greets me, but I hear a faint – “Upstairs!” and follow the voice. “Melissa?”

“In here,” she calls, still not to be seen. The kids and Mahak are nowhere to be found either. I have a frisson of apprehension and hope they’re all not going to jump out and surprise me.

No jumping out, but I definitely get a surprise. “What’s going on?” I ask carefully as I approach what is clearly Melissa and Mahak’s bedroom. The two of them are standing at the door.

“We’d like to spend some time with you,” Melissa tells me. She sounds like her usual self, but I notice the apprehensive light in her eyes. It’s odd for me to notice things like that, which is why I don’t run out of the house.

At least that’s what I tell myself.

“Last night…I thought maybe…” she continues.

“Would you be interested?” Mahak asks. I don’t have to ask what he means. I know what he means, what they want. And I only have a moment to figure out if I want that too.

Some people like to play games. I hear Joe’s voice in my head and immediately dismiss it. There’s nothing wrong with games.

Wordlessly, I nod, wondering if it’s the excitement or apprehension that’s making my stomach curl up into a ball.

“Come in,” Melissa says graciously, escorting me into their bedroom with a regal sweep of her arm. I have a moment of doubt and I wonder just what I’m getting myself into, and then I hear Joe’s voice again, warning me against Mahak.

Mahak has been nothing but straightforward with me, unlike some people. I have no doubt that he wants me and Melissa too. So why not…?

Melissa picks up a scarf and hands it to Mahak. This might be interesting. Then she briskly undresses me. I’ve never had a woman undress me before and I watch her curiously. She’s very efficient.

I stand naked and a little hesitant in front of Mahak, who takes my arms and runs his fingertips from my shoulders to my wrists before winding the scarf around them and tying it. “Too tight?”

“No. I don’t think so.” My breath is already coming quicker as I stare into his deep brown eyes.

“Why don’t you lie on the bed?” he suggests. How could I be so excited by a simple suggestion? And the way he touches me.

Carefully he helps me lay down with my head on the pillows and takes my bound arms and positions them above my head, so I’m grasping the wooden headboard. Mahak then ties the end of the scarf to the wood slat I’m hanging on to. “We’ll try the spread eagle position next time,” he says.

“Next time?” I have to wet my lips before I speak.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.  There will be a next time. ” His eyes gleam with promise, and I can feel the wetness between my legs. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him, and what he did to me and the thought of a repeat performance is beginning to excite me unbearably. But where did Melissa go? After undressing me, she disappeared. Is this just Mahak and I…?

But then she steps forward, having rid herself of her tank and shorts. I can’t help but marvel at her body as she sits on the bed. “I’ve wanted to try this with someone, but no one but Tia was ever interested. Except Molly. We had a very good friendship,” she says with a knowing smile. “I have a feeling you and I will be very good friends as well.”

“I’ve never…”

“You don’t have to do anything. Just relax and enjoy. And let us enjoy you.”

Mahak steps forward, also naked, his penis jutting arrogantly in my direction. My eyes travel his body hungrily, and I bite my lip.

“I want to begin,” Melissa says, moving up the bed so that she is lying next to me.

“Please. Be my guest,” Mahak says.

Melissa leans over and kisses me as she did at Tia’s, but this is more. That kiss was just a tease – this one is for real and I can honestly say a kiss has never affected me as much. Her tongue darts into my mouth as her lips press gently against mine, and it goes on for a least a minute as I lose track of reality and focus on Melissa’s mouth against mine. It’s only when I am conscious of hands on my naked breast as well as on my inner thigh that I remember what is about to happen. Or what I think is about to happen.

“All right?” Melissa whispers, her mouth hovering above mine. I can only nod, and her fingers begin to trace the sensitive skin around my nipple. At the same time, Mahak’s fingers are tickling my inner thighs, moving higher, closer to the wetness before retreating to the skin behind my knees. I open my legs wider, shamelessly as Melissa’s mouth travels to my breast. She begins licking my nipples, first one then the other, giving both equal attention, but never sucking while Mahak cups my pubis with his hand, running his fingers against my lips but never parting them enough to touch my clitoris.

I endure the delicious teasing as long as I can but soon I’m aching for more. I arch my back, pushing my breasts against Melissa’s lips and lifting my hips towards Mahak’s hand and give a strangled moan.

Melissa’s lips fix on my nipple and she begins sucking diffidently at first, then with a strong pull. Mahak’s fingers finally delve deeper, and I gasp as he caresses my clit, slowly and gently, feeling the wetness and knowing how excited he – they – have made me.

This goes on for several minutes, the teasing touches from Mahak and Melissa alternatively licking and sucking my nipples, all the while cradling my breasts in her hands until suddenly it stops. I can’t help the questioning moan that escapes as Melissa lifts her head.

“Mahak,” she orders. “I need you.” Obediently, he removes his fingers from their soft stroking and moves away from me.

Bound, I can only watch as Melissa’s positions herself against the pillows beside me. “What?” I gasp.

Melissa turns her head on the pillow and smiles at me. “Watch.” She spreads her legs wide as Mahak lifts them, bending her knees, nuzzling his face between them. My breath leaves me in a gasp as Melissa begins to purr with pleasure. I can hear Mahak’s tongue begin to lap against Melissa’s wetness.

That tongue. I want to feel his tongue against me. I want him to be doing that to me, but I’m forced to watch and listen to Melissa receive the pleasure. I shift fitfully on the bed, still tied to the headboard as Melissa’s breath begins to come in little gasps.

“So good,” she moans, stretching her arms above her so that she too, is holding the headboard. One of her hands twine with mine, so that we’re holding hands as her orgasm clearly approaches. She begins moaning loudly, crying out with pleasure and thrusting her hips against Mahak’s face. I’m torn between watching Mahak gather Melissa’s legs and lift her bottom to get better access to her clit, and Melissa’s face. Her eyes are closed and her face contorted with ecstasy.

Because her hand is still holding mine, I feel a connection between us. I can hear Mahak’s mouth between her legs, alternately sucking her clit and licking her with long laps of his tongue. I can tell he’s using his fingers, his arm moving between her legs, making her cries louder as he joins with his own guttural groans, his own hips moving against the bed. Because I had been the recipient of that tongue, I knew what Melissa is feeling and I want it to. I want him to be touching me… I can’t help my own little cries, but they are drowned out by Melissa’s.

It’s as if I can feel her orgasm building inside her like a wave, pulsing from her core until it consumes her and she comes, shouting with pleasure as Mahak continues to lick her frantically, his fingers deep inside her as she rides her convulsions.

I come as well, a short, shallow orgasm that does nothing to satisfy me and only seems to frustrate me more.

Mahak lifts his head, and Melissa opens her eyes. “Thank you,” she says to him with a big smile. “Now, it’s your turn.” I think she’s speaking to him until she turns back to me, sliding her hand across my breast to my stomach. “It’s exciting to watch, isn’t it? Look how wet you are.” Her fingers slide between my legs, feeling my wetness and making me gasp as her thumb rubs my clit. “I’m going to make you come so hard and so fast you’ll be begging me for every chance you get.”

At that moment, I was ready to beg for it.

“I want to watch,” Mahak’s deep voice says. Melissa crouches between my legs and Mahak stands behind her.

“Do you want it?” Melissa asks with a satisfied smile. “Beg.”

The small part of me holding on to reality doesn’t want to give her the satisfaction, but her thumb flicks against my clit again and I’ve had enough. “Please.”

“Please what?”

“Please… make me come. Lick me.  Fuck me!  Now!”

“Me? Not Mahak?”

“You. Please….” My begging ends in a strangled cry as Melissa takes me in her mouth.

Her tongue is smaller than Mahak’s, her fingers shorter, but it’s no less intense. She licks me with flickering strokes of that tongue, before diving inside me as far as she can, and sucks my clit with a strength that is surprising and makes me cry out in delight.

“I’m good too,” she says, the vibration of her words making even more of a sensation. She continues her rhythm, licking, her tongue darting inside then sucking me with ever-increasing moans. My cries join hers, rising in tone and loudness and I hear another, deeper groan. I open my eyes to see Mahak behind Melissa, with her ass in the air as she continues to tongue me as Mahak pounds into her from behind. Our eyes meet and he smiles at me, grabbing onto Melissa’s hips as he thrusts harder

“Oh, god,” I cry out. I can feel my orgasm coming like a freight train, roaring through me. Melissa uses her fingers, thrusting them inside me as I shove myself against her face. I cry out again, and again as the wave hits me, sweeping me down in a pool of sensations. It goes on and on, leaving me gasping and moaning and shuddering with pleasure.

When Melissa finally lifts her head, I’m as limp as a rag doll, and she has the biggest grin on her face. Mahak is smiling as well as he pulls out of her.

“I bet you’re glad you moved in now,” Melissa crows.