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Pre-order Room Service Today!!

Callie Champlain from Office Plays is back in the second book in the Adults Only series!

Pre-order your copy now!


Adults Only

“Nestled on the shores of the Bay of Fundy in
picturesque Nova Scotia, Mrs. Robinson’s Bed and Breakfast
is the perfect spot to relax, to be refreshed and to reflect
on the adventure of life.”

“Office hook-ups aren’t cutting it. I need a new adventure.” Callie Champlain, Room Service

Callie from Office Plays is back!

This time she’s nursing a broken heart. What better idea than to take a trip to Mrs. Robinson’s B & B for a weekend? She’s planning on having some fun, meeting new people and if she learns something about the swinger life, than even better!
Morena and friends are happy to give Callie a some pointers, but it’s Lucas, one of the guests, who ends up teaching Callie a few things about mending her broken heart.

Available Feb. 27 but order your copy today!

Have you spent a weekend at Mrs.Robinson’s? Check out the first book in the series, Shared Accommodations! 


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More me! Week six of my Goddess Tour!

Here’s another interview, this time from Erotica for All.  We chat about my favourite books and characters, what inspires me and what my nearest and dearest think about what I write!!

Don’t forget to check out Erotica for All for a chance at the $50 gift card giveaway!!


An Interview with Anna Ellis (@goddessfish) #giveaway

Here’s an author interview with Anna Ellis. Take it away, Anna…

How did you start writing erotica?

Back in 2013, I wrote a book called Coming Home. (I also write women’s fiction and chick lit under the name Holly Kerr) I included several sex scenes, one between the main character Brenna, and the love interest. After it was finished and published, a few months later, I was looking at it again and reread that scene. It really didn’t fit in with the story! It wasn’t that it was gratuitous, but it was too steamy for the genre. So that got me thinking… I had an idea for a story but I wasn’t sure how to write it for women’s fiction. But I thought I could make it work as erotica. And my Husbands and Wives series was born!!

In case you’re curious about the sex scene in Coming Home, I’ve recently republished it, with quite a few changes. I rewrote the scene for the new edition, and while it’s not G rated, it’s not quite as R as it was!

What’s your favourite published work of yours and why?

That’s like asking me which of my children is my favourite!!

But if I had to answer, I’d say The Wives, which is the third of the Husbands and Wives series. It was just so much fun to write. The first book is always horribly scary to get out there, and there’s so much pressure with the second, but The Wives just rolled along for me. Plus, I had a scene with 4 women, and a MMF threesome, so there were lots of new things for me to learn!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My latest series, Adults Only, was actually inspired by reading articles about a nudist resort and a man who enjoyed travelling around to visit women, usually someone’s wife. Of course I changed things quite a bit! But usually I have the what if moment, if that makes sense. What if this or that happened, and I go from there.

Do you have any unusual writing rituals?

Not really. I spend most of my writing time at my desk with tea and music, usually alone, especially when I’m writing the sexy bits!

Where’s your favourite place to write?

My desk is in my living room, right by the window, so it gets really cold in the winter. I need a little heater by my feet. It’s good that there’s lots of light, but bad because the window overlooks the sidewalk and I’m very nosy about who is walking by! I wrote series about neighbours, so I’m pretty curious about mine!

Who is your favourite character from one of your stories and why?

Morena, from my latest novel, Shared Accommodations, is my new favourite. She owns a B&B in Nova Scotia that caters to the swinging crowd. She’s older and sexy and has quite the history!!

Do your nearest and dearest know what you do, and if so, what was their reaction when they found out?

Everyone knows and they’ve all been supportive, but their reactions have been different. My father refuses to speak of my books, sort of like I write the genre that must not be named, but he’s really proud of me. My mother thinks it’s fascinating, but is afraid to ask how I came to know so much about sex!

My kids are another story. They know I write ‘adult’ books, but they’re only now getting to an age where they’re wondering what makes them so ‘adult.’ It’s a conversation I’m not really looking forward to having!

What was your ideal career when you were a child?

I think I wanted to be a truck driver at one point. That and an Olympic hurdler.

How do you get yourself in the mood to write?

Earlier this year, I would have said I was always in the mood to write, but after going through a nasty bout of writer’s block, that’s no longer true. These days, I like to plan what I’m going to write that day. I go through it in my head, which usually happens when I’m in the shower, or lying awake in bed. Then I sit down on my computer with my tea and put on a playlist. Certain songs are helpful to write certain scenes!

What’s the best writing tip you’ve ever been given?

Read a lot. And so I do.

If you get writer’s block, how do you get around it?

Like I said, I had writer’s block earlier this year, mainly because I was a bit burnt out. So I took a break. Instead of writing, I would created characters and bios for them and think about writing, but not pressure myself with coming up with anything. It wasn’t fun, but I got through it,

If you could bring one of your characters to life, which one would it be and why?

Lorde, from Shared Accommodations. I’d like to see if he’s really as sexy is he is in my mind!

Which author, erotic or otherwise would you love to meet and why?

I’d like to meet someone like Colleen Hoover or Alice Clayton or Sarah J. Maas. They’re well-known, but not huge. I’d like to pick their brains about how they did it.

What’s your favourite genre within erotica and why?

I like swingers!!

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on the second book in my Adults Only series, Room Service. I’m multi-tasking because I’m also trying to finish the third book in my Office Plays series, which I should have finished a long time ago. But they go together because there are characters from Office Plays which show up in the new series.  I’m just trying to keep the storylines straight.

What’s the biggest writing challenge you’ve ever taken on? Did you succeed?

I write under a pen name as well, so it’s like I’ve got two writing careers going on. I have my Anna books to write and market, and my Holly books. It keeps me busy. Am I succeeding? I like to hope so!

What’s your biggest writing achievement? Why?

For me, it’s the fact that I took my dream and decided to do something about it. I call myself an author and that is just the coolest thing for me. Plus, knowing I have people out there who read my books, and like them. It’s still such a thrill for me.

But as far as achievements go, looking back in the last four years, I’ve published 17 novels, 5 collections of short stories as well as 2 short stories. And that’s only under Anna Ellis. I think that’s a pretty big achievement and one I’m really proud of.

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Week Five of my Goddess FishTour!

Today on tour I stopped by Lock That Door!   Instead of more info about me, you can get to know Callie Champlain, who you’ve met in Office Plays and who will be in my next Adults Only book, Room Service (coming soon!) Callie is one of my favourite characters and I hope you learn to love her as much as I do, because you’ll be hearing a lot from her in Room Service!


Character Interview with Callie Champlain – Room Service, Office Plays

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

Well, right now, I’m looking forward to heading to Nova Scotia. There’s a bed and breakfast there that caters to more adventurous adults and I’m due there next weekend! Should be fun! Other than that, my travels take me to places where there’s warm weather, beaches with hot boys and lots and lots of fruity cocktails!

What do you think makes a good story?

Steamy romance and great sex!

Tell us about your family.

My family. What do I say about my family? First of all, my father would have preferred me to be a boy. He really had no idea how to raise a daughter, especially my mother left. I was twelve when she took off. Not a great time to be motherless. But my dad did the best he could, and my brothers helped. They were the ones who told me about sex, which probably explains a lot.


I’ve been told that I act more like a man than a woman when it comes to relationships. Or maybe the reason I don’t have relationships. I don’t see the point, since you always end up hurting someone. Or yourself. Anyway, I’m sure my brothers weren’t the best example. Or my mother, the little I knew of her.

What was the scariest moment of your life?

Until last year, the scariest moment was realizing my mom had left me behind, and wasn’t coming back. But telling Michael I loved him beat that out.

Neither turned out well.

What group did you hang out with in high school?

I was a cheerleader in high school, can you believe it? So, I guess I hung with the popular kids, the football players, and the mean girls. They were mean, too. I tried not to be, but I’m sure I had my moments.

Do you play any sports?

Ha! Is sex a sport?

Honestly, is it?

If you could apologize to someone in your past, who would it be?

Robby Hughes. I was not very nice to him when he asked me to prom. But I friended him on Facebook a couple years ago, and the years have been very good to him. That saying about the geeks ruling the world is totally true! I wouldn’t mind a face-to-face with Robby to really make it up to him. 😉

Who should play you in a film?

Ooh, good question!  We played this at work one day – who would play up in the sitcom version, but film is better. I’d love to say Margot Robbie because I think she could handle my sass, but there’s really not enough of her to handle all of me.  Maybe Sofia Vergara, if she was a blonde.

What would we find under your bed?

(She gives a ribald laugh)

A man? At least something he’s left behind. Whoever he may be.


Meet Callie and the other excitable office workers in Office Plays and Secrets and Lies

And get to know her even more in Room Service, the second book in the new Adults Only series. Available early 2018



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Week Four on the Goddess Fish Tour

We’re rolling right along on this tour. Today I stopped by Sharing Links and Wisdom for a chat.  Check it out for a chance to win a $50 amazon gift card!


Anna, thanks so much for stopping by. So, how did you get started writing?

I’ve always wrote, ever since I was a little girl. But as for what I write now – I was writing a women’s fiction novel and I noticed a certain scene was a little too steamy. So, I thought, why not give it a try?  I ended up writing Making Friends, and things just took off from there.

What was the inspiration for your book?

A few years ago, there was a group of neighbours who would spend Friday nights together. We’d have dinner, drink lots of wine. I got to thinking about how we were all such good friends – what if we took it one step further. Voila – my swinging series was born!

What’s the one genre you haven’t written in yet that you’d like to?

I would love to write historical fiction. I was a history major and I just love it.

Are there any genres you won’t read or write in? Why?

There’s not much I won’t read. I’m not much for literary fiction, but I’m not opposed to reading it. I don’t think I’d ever try to write science fiction. I love to read it, but I think the technological descriptions would be beyond me!

What are you up to right now? Do you have any releases planned, or are you still writing?

The second book in the Adults Only series, Room Service will be out next month!  I’m just putting the finishing touches on it, and starting with the third one.  I’m also looking at writing a little short novelette about the characters in my Touch series for a spring release.

Alright, now for some random, fun questions. Favorite color?

Purple. Or red.

Favorite movie?

I really hate this question because there are so many movies that I love!! Because I’m such a Star Wars fan, I have to say Empire Strikes Back. And I love some of the Marvel movies. But for my favourite, non- franchise movie, I’d say The Italian Job. The remake, the one with Mark Wahlberg. I just love him!

Book that inspired you to become an author?

Stephen King’s On Writing. Every writer should read it. But the person who inspires me is Joss Whedon. I think he’s a brilliant writer.

You have one superpower. What is it?

I’d want to fly, or super-strength.  Can I have both?

You can have dinner with any 3 people, dead, alive, fictitious, etc. Who are they?

Joss Whedon, Stephen King and George Lucas. I would have a list of questions to ask, but I don’t think I’d talk much!

Last question: Which of your characters are you most like and how/why?

I think I’m most like Paige, in my Husbands and Wives series. She’s probably the most normal and the least sexiest, although she’ sexy in her own way!

That’s all from me, thanks for taking the time to stop by!

Thank you so much for having me!!

Make sure you head over to Sharing Links and Wisdom for more me and for a chance to win!!

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More me!! Week Three of my Goddess Tour

So far, giving interviews is a lot of fun.  Here’s hoping it stays that way, and I can continue to make them enjoyable for the readers! 

I stopped by Christine Young – Romance Writer this week for a chat about writing and sharing an excerpt from Making Friends.

Don’t forget to check out the blogs I visit for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!!



  • What or who inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always written, even when I was a little girl. I remember my first story about a bunny trying to cross the road. I think the bunny got hit, so it didn’t have a happy ending! But I kept my writing to myself, which a lot of writers do, until I was in my last year of high school and my Writer’s Craft teacher gave me a 49/50 on my story. It was then that I thought that maybe this was something I was good at, as well as being something that I loved to do. I’ll never forget Mr. Clarke for giving me that push.

  • How did you come up with ideas for your books?

Honestly, I have no idea. They really just come to me, usually in the shower, or when I’m driving by myself, or when I’m running. And usually when I’m in the middle of another project.

  • What expertise did you bring to your writing?

Considering what I write about, I’m not really sure how to answer that! I’ll just say I have a very active imagination and leave it at that! 😉

  • As far as your writing goes, what are your future plans?

To keep writing until I run out of ideas. I have plans for the rest of my Adults Only series, and I want to finish the third book on my Office Plays series, which should have been finished a long time ago. And then I’d like to go back to writing something like my Husbands and Wives series. That was so much fun to write.

  • If you could be one of the characters from any of your books, who would it be and why?

Jacey. Definitely Jacey, because she has so much freedom to be adventurous. But that would mean my hubby would be Dominic and I don’t think he’d go for that!

  • What is the best and worst advice you ever received? (regarding writing or publishing)

The worst is – write what you know. And get books out as quick as you can.

I don’t agree with either of those. I wrote a series about swingers, which honestly, I had no personal experience of. But I did it, and it worked out pretty well.

The best piece of advice it, hire an editor and a good one. And I think authors have to take their time with books, to make sure they are the best they can be.

  • Do you outline your books or just start writing?

I usually have an idea what happens in the books, but I don’t use an outline, other than the first few chapters. I let my characters do what they like, which are often a lot different than what my idea was.

  • Do you have an all time favorite book?

I should say something literary, like Pride and Prejudice. I do love Jane Austen, but I will say my all-time favourite book is by a British author named Jilly Cooper. She writes the most awesome smut! Rivals is my favourite one of her books.

  • Have you started your next project? If so, can you share a little bit about your book?

Right now I have a few project in the works; the second in the Adults Only series. It’s called Room Service and I’ll be having a few of the character from my Office Plays series visiting Morena and Lorde. I’ll head into the third book after that. But as well, I write under the name Holly Kerr and I’ve got a few things going on.

  1. Who is your favorite actor and actress?

Good question. I’m a big TV/movie buff so that’s a tough question for me. For the actor, I’ll got with Harrison Ford, because I love him, and Mark Wahlberg, who I have a huge crush on! And for actress, I’m going to say Tea Leoni, because I love her in Madam Secretary, and I also have a bit of a girl crush on her!

  1. What is your favorite reality show?

Survivor. It’s been going on for years and it’s still so, so good!

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about what it was like to write a series.

I really like writing a series. It’s fun to keep peeling back layers of the characters, finding out more and more about them. You start out with a character and you think you know them, but as the books get going, you find out more about them. But it is hard to keep it fresh, to keep each book different and separate. Plus, I find it hard to write the second books. I always find the second book in a series is my least favourite! It’s a lot of pressure!

  1. Anything else you might want to add?

I want to say thank you for featuring me. It’s been fun!