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Blogging A-Z Challenge – L

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We’re almost to the halfway point of the April Blogging Challenge! L is for Liam

Liam is the office crush of Aubrey in The Hot One, one of the short stories found in Peek-a-Boo. Liam has no idea he has the interest of quiet Aubrey but that quickly changes when he’s caught in the office shower without his pants and asks Aubrey to rescue him!

So what does Liam like to do for fun?

What’s your favourite colour? Hunter green

Favourite food? My ex-girlfriend would have made me say curry because she had a thing for Indian food, but really, it’s steak. Big, thick steak, cooked medium rare, with a side of garlic mushrooms and a baked potato. And chocolate cake for desert. I guess I gave you the whole meal, didn’t I?

Farthest you’ve ever travelled? I’ve been all over Canada, to Florida a few times, and I went on a biking trip in France. So whatever one of those is the farthest

If you were a musician, what would your band/one name be?  The Bike Seats! Because I always take the seat off my bike and bring it to my desk when I ride to work

What’s your favourite 90’s jam? Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots – I was big into grunge.

The ex-girlfriend kind of drummed that out of me

Teenage crush (famous person) Hannah Montana. Not Miley Cyrus, but her Hannah Montana character. And Britney Spears. She was really cute.

Favourite body part Uh…breasts. That’s an easy one

The last book you read and was it good Ready Player Two, and not as good as Ready Player One. The sequels rarely are

Favourite alcoholic beverage? I’m really into craft beers these days. I like a nice IPA

Last question!

Three words to describe you Athletic. Fun. Aubrey says I have a nice ass, too, so can I use that?

Want more Liam? Read The Wild One, found in Peek-a-Boo.

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