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Blog Tour – Guest Post – Get Ready, Get Set, GO!

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the-wives-tour-bannerI’m on a blog tour for The Wives until June 16.  Here’s one of the guest posts I wrote, this one was for Author Desiree Broussard

Check out her blog and don’t forget the giveaway


Guest Post:

Get ready, get set, GO!

by Anna Ellis

Most of my preparation begins before I even sit down at my computer. I need to have a clear idea what I’m going to write that day before I start, or I spend my time surfing the web and checking in on Facebook! I need to know what’s going with Jacey before I start. I break my books down into scenes, so I plan out each scene before I write. And because I don’t take many notes, I can’t plan too far ahead, or I’ll forget things! My best ways to plan out what’s going on in the story, are lying awake at night (which can lead to sleepless nights due to being excited about the story, so I don’t recommend it!), in the shower, on long drives or when I’m running.

If I’m looking for a little inspiration, I turn to my research (a Kindle full of erotica and a friend who is a little adventurous!)

Once I’ve got a clear idea of what’s going to happen, I plant myself in front of the computer and begin. I have a corner of my living room as my office. And I’m not a neat freak, so it doesn’t have to be immaculate. I do need a drink handy – tea or Pepsi or wine, depending on the time of the day! I don’t have a specific time of day that works best for me – usually early mornings (that’s tea time, in case you’re wondering) but I’ll take whatever time I can fit in. Except when the kids are home. It’s really difficult to write the ‘dirty’ stuff when you have to keep looking over your shoulder!

Author: hollykerrauthor

Author of chicklit novels, Unexpecting, Coming Home, Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder and The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

One thought on “Blog Tour – Guest Post – Get Ready, Get Set, GO!

  1. You are an excellent writer! All the best!

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