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New Neighbours – The Ladies – Game and Giveaway


To recap: I’m working on a new Husbands and Wives book.   Help me decide on the New Neighbours!!!

I can’t decide who should move in and join the rest of the Husbands and Wives so I need your help!!!

The Game and Giveaway!

I’ll be posting 6 character bios tomorrow and Friday  -3 men, 3 women – and I want YOU to help me pick the couple!  Jut tell me who you like the best, who you think would fit in during Tia’s parties and who Jacey would want to…you know!  Then this weekend, let me know who you think should be the new neighbours and voila! – whoever gets the most votes will move in!!!

And I’ll pick a random winner from those who took part and send you a copy of Melissa!  (Or Paige when it’s released!)

Your choice of ladies are:

sara ramirezGeorgie – bubbly and brassy, her personality is as big as her chest measurements

–   mother of twin six year old boys, Georgie’s  energy appears boundless and her boys have trouble keeping up with her

–   works as a special education teacher

–   makes no secret that she enjoys sex and always open about her pre-marital adventures and looking for new ones

Secret desire:  a man to meet her every need  – she has quite a few of them!

Kelly RipaEmma – fun and perky with a Type A hidden underneath

– 2 kids, a six and an eight year old and their lives are always perfectly organized

–   little sexual experience outside marriage; needs to be awakened

Secret desire: to be dominated in the bedroom

robin givensAisha –   cool and aloof, she has more passion than you would expect

– six month old baby

-bi-sexual; lived with a woman before she married

Secret desire: threesomes

Stayed tuned to check out guys tomorrow and let me know what you think!!!

Author: hollykerrauthor

Author of chicklit novels, Unexpecting, Coming Home, Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder and The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

6 thoughts on “New Neighbours – The Ladies – Game and Giveaway

  1. My favourite would be the “Danger man with no name” together with Emma. A little control is always good and perhaps what Jacey needs… And can Dom or Mahak awaken Emma. I would like to find out. I and my wife enjoy this series immensely. Reading aloud was never this good before 🙂

    • I forgot to put in his name!! It’s Nathan – for now. I’ll wait to see if he’s moving in before making a firm decision. Any suggestions? I’m having a hard time with him!
      SO glad you enjoy the books!!! And you and your wife read them together – you just made my day!!!
      Thanks for reading!
      Anna xo

  2. Aisha, she is the one how mixed up the boys with fantasy’s dangers and risks, the neighbours das’nt know that she and her husband living in a deal. jacey will be the one how solved the secret and get the most from it.
    good luck

  3. I agree, I like Emma. You would have fun writing about the domination in the bedroom. As for the men, I kind of like Greg the geek. Sure the ladies would all cringe getting his key. But after the evening’s festivities, the lucky lady who ended up with him could gush about how a geek rocked her world to the group of women during their regular meetings.

  4. I also like Emma. I think you would have some fun writing a domination scene. As for the guys, I’m liking the geek. The women would all cringe at the thought of getting his key. However, when the ladies gather for their meeting, the one who was with the geek can divulge how he completely rocked her world in the bedroom. Then all the ladies want a taste of him later and tell Tia to set them up.

  5. Georgie and Emma both! I can’t pick between the 2!!!!!

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