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Blogging A-Z Challenge – Theme Reveal

Once again, I’ll be attempting to complete the Blogging A-Z Challenge this April.

What’s that, you ask? This is where bloggers post something every day in April with the exception of Sundays. Which is a good thing, if you consider what my theme is. 🙂

But first I have to apologize for missing the date of the theme reveal. I should have posted this yesterday. My bad.In my defense, I wasn’t convinced I should attempt it this year. I last completed the challenge in 2015 and wow, that was a lot of blogging. That year, it was go big or go home, because I did the challenge on my blog as well.

Not my best idea.

But I succeeded. This year I’ll keep is simple. One blog, twenty-six days of posts. (because there’s 26 letters in the alphabet…)

And my theme will be:


Or adult romance, whatever you’d like to call it. I’ll be posting the A-Z of erotica every day (except for Sundays) this April.

Stay tuned!