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New series coming!

I’ve finally got something new for my readers and I’m excited to share the news!

ONE – a sizzling series about swingers! 

Married couple Jasmine and Basil are bored.

A new trilogy from the author of the swinger series Husbands and Wives and Adults Only! 

Sex is still good but has a predictable pattern that makes Jasmine want to scream, and not in a good way. It’s hard for her to keep up the bedroom banter when she’s so tired that an episode of Outlander can’t even keep her attention.

Basil feels like a broken record, always asking for sex of a wife who would rather catch a few extra zzzs. He loves his wife and their life together, but wants a little more of both.

Every summer, they head to Aurora Resort with friends, a magical place where they can sleep in the sun and drink wine while someone else looks after the kids. Jas knows they’ll find their way back to each other, but this year, it’s not her husband who catches her attention as they relax at the lake.

Wyatt is big and brawny, with muscles that quickly invade her fantasies and a sweet smile that sends her stammering to make conversation. To make it worse, his wife Carson is sexy and fun and easily befriends Jasmine. But it’s not all friendship and girl time that Carson wants. She sees the way Jasmine looks at Wyatt, and it’s a good thing because she and Wyatt are swingers looking for a new couple to play with.

And they think they are perfect to help Jas and Bas bring the sexy back to their marriage.

Will this be a summer of sin, or can the swingers really help Jas and Bas save their marriage?

One Summer is the first of the trilogy and it’s out April 7! You can pre-order it from all retailers here

One Week – April 28

One Night – May 19


Blogging A-Z – Swinger Stereotype

Blogging A-Z – April 22: S – Swinger Stereotype

My Husbands and Wives series is all about swingers, so it’s a no-brainer that S = swingers in the blogging challenge! If you’re interested in reading about swingers and what I think a group of naughty neighbours might get up to, check out my Husbands and Wives series, available now through amazon!

posted in 2014 


I was recently in Mexico with my family and friends.  One night while we were out for dinner, I noticed two couples sit down near us.  I’d guess they were in their late 60s and obviously close friends.  I witnessed one of the men giving a Look to the woman sitting across the table from him…

You know The Look?

4-some-swinger-lifestyle-sexAnd then I got wondering (because I wonder about things like that), what if the woman he was grinning so lavisciously across the table at wasn’t his wife?  What if the other one was, the one smiling suggestively at the other man?    What if they in fact, were more than just four friends, two happily married couples, on vacation together?  What if they were swingers?!

I write erotica.  Of course I’m going to wonder things like that!

I googled ‘what do swingers look like’ and this is what I found.

“Swingers come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities, ages and forms and more often than not come from backgrounds you would least expect. Swingers don’t wear signs, drive a certain make and model of car. They don’t get tattoos for you to recognize. Swingers ARE the people in the grocery store behind you in line, OR are they the couple in front of you in line, OR is the cashier the swinger in the picture? Some couples have reported going to swingers clubs, only to run into their next door neighbours! There really aren’t any restrictions when it comes to swinging, only in how far you wish to take it.

You do not have to be super model material to be a swinger. Swingers are NEVER Ken and Barbie {ken and Barbie are actually only 12 inches tall and have no sex organs}. It is a myth that only the rich and the beautiful are swingers. The truth is that the diversity of the people who are involved actually represents a cross-section of all demographics from 25 to 75 years of age; however they mostly range between mid thirties up to late fifties. “

I’m not going to include a link because I think the site was advertising for people to join a swingers club, and if you want to join such a club, I’m sure you know where to go on-line for info!

Based on this description, these people probably didn’t fall into the category, but what it they were?  What if they had been swapping for thirty years or so?  Or what if this their first trip together and they were planning on switching that very night?  That look he gave her was HOT!!!  What if they had the same set-up as Jacey and Dominic and the rest of the folks in Making Friends?  What if they were looking for a little excitement in their marriage?  Is there any way of telling if they were up to something?

At that age – good for them!!!

why-do-they-call-it-swingersThen I started to wonder – what if people were thinking the same thing about my husband and I and the friends we were with?  You can never tell what people get up in their bedrooms (or in other people’s bedrooms)!!!

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Blogging A-Z – Key Parties

I’m participating in Blogging From A-Z Challenge in April – one blog post on every day in April (except Sundays!) Wish me luck!

April 13 – K: Key Parties

from Urban Dictionary: A couples party where all of the men put their car keys into a bowl or bag and at the end of the party, the women blindly select a set of keys to determine who she goes home with for the rest of the evening for sexual gratification.

also known as watch parties, wife swapping and my favourite ‘swaptions’

Book3 The WivesIn my Husbands and Wives books, the key party is a monthly (or more) event for the naughty neighbours of Honeysuckle Court.  While many believe key parties had their heyday in the free-spirited 70s, these days the swinger lifestyle is still going strong, but happens in different locations rather than the rec room of the house down the street!

There are rules and traditions; the parties could include the ‘full swap’ which means exactly what you think it is, and the ‘soft swap’ which everything but full penetration takes place.  Every so often the media will become interested in these events, but unless there are underage participants, those who attend key parties should be allowed to enjoy their lifestyle without any stigma.

My Husbands and Wives series is about a group of happily married couples who just happen to be swingers and the key parties they attend.  Check it out if you think it might interest you! Ebooks available through