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New Release! One Night is available now!

One Night. Three Couples.

Their friendship swings into a new direction.

“The chemistry was off the charts!”

The third and final book in the One trilogy is available now!

Three couples. One Night. Is that enough?

When Matt joins his friends in Mexico, he’s hoping for a relaxing week of fun in the sun. Since he missed their summer vacation, it’s a chance for him to reconnect with them after his divorce and introduce them to his new girlfriend.

But it seems Billy has already met Emmy.

Emmy is amazed when she finds out that her old love is one of Matt’s best friends. But before she can tell him, Emmy and Matt find out the other secret from his friends—they’re swingers. And they want to include Matt and Emmy in their fun.

Emmy wants a chance to be with Billy one last time. Matt doesn’t want to ruin his friendship with Jasmine, but she’s always been a temptation that it’s been hard to say no to. Can their new relationship survive if they do this?

One wild night can change everything.   


Grab your copy of One Night! 


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New series coming!

I’ve finally got something new for my readers and I’m excited to share the news!

ONE – a sizzling series about swingers! 

Married couple Jasmine and Basil are bored.

A new trilogy from the author of the swinger series Husbands and Wives and Adults Only! 

Sex is still good but has a predictable pattern that makes Jasmine want to scream, and not in a good way. It’s hard for her to keep up the bedroom banter when she’s so tired that an episode of Outlander can’t even keep her attention.

Basil feels like a broken record, always asking for sex of a wife who would rather catch a few extra zzzs. He loves his wife and their life together, but wants a little more of both.

Every summer, they head to Aurora Resort with friends, a magical place where they can sleep in the sun and drink wine while someone else looks after the kids. Jas knows they’ll find their way back to each other, but this year, it’s not her husband who catches her attention as they relax at the lake.

Wyatt is big and brawny, with muscles that quickly invade her fantasies and a sweet smile that sends her stammering to make conversation. To make it worse, his wife Carson is sexy and fun and easily befriends Jasmine. But it’s not all friendship and girl time that Carson wants. She sees the way Jasmine looks at Wyatt, and it’s a good thing because she and Wyatt are swingers looking for a new couple to play with.

And they think they are perfect to help Jas and Bas bring the sexy back to their marriage.

Will this be a summer of sin, or can the swingers really help Jas and Bas save their marriage?

One Summer is the first of the trilogy and it’s out April 7! You can pre-order it from all retailers here

One Week – April 28

One Night – May 19