Anna Ellis



Who Are the New Neighbours!!!

Thanks to all for playing!!!!!  And now…The New Neighbours!!!!



Kelly Ripa

You would have fun writing about the domination in the bedroom.”

Yes, Ana, you might be right!!!




    scott foleyLove the alpha controlling male!

Not sure if Mahak will though, Betsy!!! This might be fun!



Thanks to all who joined in and played!!!!  Georgie and Oliver were close in second place so I think I’ll have them pop up somewhere!  Or maybe they’ll get their own book!!

I really appreciate everyone who put in their two cents in.  I hope you don’t mind, but instead of picking a winner and sending them a copy of Melissa, I think I’ll send you all a copy of New NeighboursNewNeighbours as soon as it’s finished.

Brewerdog, Betsy, Ana, Zivit, per.olav, Mary – let me know the best email to send it to you!!!


Thanks again!!!

Anna xo