Anna Ellis



Who do you think is sexy? Please help me decide!

I need some help.

Some suggestions, actually. And your opinion, please.

I’ve started another book! 🙂

I took some time off after the Touch series was finished, something I hadn’t planned or wanted to do, but the well was dry. I had ideas, but the words were stuck. I’ve never had writer’s block like that. Yes, I was working on other projects (Holly books) but in the past, I’ve managed to work on more than one project. Like my swingers, with their multiple partners, I could always multi-task! 🙂

But I’m all better now and I’m raring to go.

The new book has no official title yet, but I suspect it may turn into a series. A bit about the premise: Mrs.Robinson operates a B & B in the wilds of Nova Scotia, where swingers come to celebrate. Happily married couples enjoy a party atmosphere and then each other.

Two things I need help with. First, I’m going to include one of the couples from my Husbands and Wives series, but not sure who should be visiting. Who do you think? Jacey and Dominic? Melissa and Mahek? Wendy and Jackson?

Second, I always have a picture in my mind of my characters before I begin. I usually pick an attractive actor/actress; it’s like I cast my book. I was hoping you could help me with this.

I want to know who you think is sexy? I need a 40something woman for Mrs. Robinson. Full, lush, sexy. For

me, Melinda Clark fits the bill, but I’ve used her as a muse before. Any suggestions on who I should use?

And for my man, Michael Lord. I really have no idea about him – blonde, bald…only that he needs to be tall, big in every way. And he needs to be mature enough to handle a variety of women.

So let’s have your comments! Who should my muse be? And who should be the first to visit sexy Mrs. Robinson?