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New Release!

The final book in the Office Plays series is finally available!  It’s been a long wait, but Brienne, Callie, and Sadie’s stories are worth it.

“This is like an X rated version of The Office. I swear this could be an HBO show! I just wonder if there are offices like this?!?! ;)”

The time of office plays is coming to an end

The president of the company might enjoy his office plays with Sadie, but his rules banning all employee relationship has Callie up in arms even though she hasn’t sealed the deal with Michael yet. Their early morning meeting ended with Michael returning to work, and his girlfriend, leaving Callie nursing a broken heart.

Brienne is trying to forget her past mistakes but the arrival of Cooper makes her wonder if she’s about to make an even bigger one.

Jason’s new responsibilities means he knows even more about the employees and but when he finds out more about the president, he worries that Sadie is over her head.  

These employees are spending more time on romance than work! 

Finish the series today!

Or start from the beginning!

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New Book – Secrets and Lies Available Now!

Whew!  It’s been a crazy few days, couple of weeks but I’m happy, pleased and proud to report my latest book, the second in the Office Plays trilogy – Secrets and Lies – is available on Amazon.




You have to spend at least eight hours at work. Why not enjoy it?

The office can be more than a place for work. Fun, gossip, excitement…hookups in the supply closet, early morning interludes, and sex on the desk.  For the employees of Hever Construction, led by the ever-obliging Callie, they’ve done it all.

But Sadie is getting in over her head with Alma, now that Alma has gotten her husband involved in their relationship. Abby’s former fling Cooper has started working at the company which makes things complicated for her. Michael’s beginning to realize his girlfriend might not be right for him, especially when he’s spending more time with Callie at work. And Callie is letting her feeling for Michael get in the way of her office playtime.

Everyone has their secrets and the lies are building up, especially in this office.

PrintThe office escapades of Callie and company started in Office Plays, get complicated in Secrets and Lies and come to a climax in Love After Hours (coming soon!)

Get to know the girls in Lost Weekends, a collection of short stories starring Callie, Sadie and the rest!Lost Weekends








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