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Kinky Christmas Giveaway and Interludes only 99 cents!!



As a Christmas bonus, all three Interludes collections are only 99 cents!!

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Together with We Love Kink, I’m giving away a copy of the latest Husbands and Wives book – Joe and Jacey! Plus a grand prize giveaway!

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 How to enter for a chance to win a e-copy of Joe and Jacey (available Dec 23, pre-order now!):

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Somebody loves me!!!

Hugs and kisses to this reviewer!!!!  

I just found this awesome review for Interludes on Amazon!


 Print “Thanks to Kindle Unlimited I have just finished reading every book by this author. I was a bit sad when I finished Husbands and Wives III but then I saw (yay) New Neighbors, so I revved up my read for free finger and met Nathan and Emma…then I happily went on to read all the Interludes books as well. I have Paige and Melissa quequed up on my kindle ready to read. Great literature? Ahhhhhh no, but engaging characters, memorable characters, no brooding men (which I usually adore, but this is a welcome relief) and sex, sex, sex, sex & sex. It’s fun fantasy fiction that I usually don’t enjoy. I am anxious to read Ms. Ellis’s not so x rated books that she pens under a different name. Usually, I am a really tough reviewer so the 4 stars may surprise people who read my reviews, but, I simply enjoyed these books for what they were meant to be…pure fantasy, adult escapism that gives a bit of a wink and a nod to the reader. I am, however, waiting for the three pointer winning shot or touchdown pass…..Joe and Jacey and , I believe that Dominic has more depth to him than we’ve already read, so I can saw whole heartedly that I am all in with this series. Ms. Ellis has actually taken Abby Weeks to school on these books. They are not, like Ms. Weeks, regurgitated stories with new titles and cover. Nice Job, Ms. Ellis!!”




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Have time for an Interlude?

Each book includes three short stories about those naughty neighbours – your favourite sexy swingers!!

Happily married couple Jacey and Dominic didn’t think their lives needed any added excitement, but that was before they met their new neighbours.  Now, things have really heated up between the couples and everyone is ready for their own interlude!!

Ebooks Available at Amazon!










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This Weekend…

Your mission for this weekend, should you choose to accept…

Catch up on those Naughty Neighbours!

Husbands and Wives series on Amazon

The latest series of stories about those sexy swingers – Interludes is now available! 

And Interludes II available on Sept 23!!!




Start from the beginning because there's more to come!!

Start from the beginning to find out about your favourite Husbands and Wives because there’s more to come!!

Book2The HusbandsBook3 The WivesNewNeighbours

Melissa likes to kiss and tell and REALLY wanted to tell about what happened on Valentine's Day!

Paige has a blast from her past when she goes on a job interview

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It’s out! Available just for you! New Husbands and Wives! Interludes!


Hello my lovelies!!

On Monday, I pushed the PUBLISH button on the seventh book in my Husbands and Wives series, INTERLUDES.  Can you believe it?  Seven torrid tales about your favourite naughty neighbours!  Interludes is available now for your Kindle.

For mature readers, intended for those 18+

Jacey and Dominic moved into the most friendliest, most swinging neighbourhood you’ve ever read about. Before they moved in, playtime was once limited to Tia’s but thanks to Jacey’s extracurricular activities, the neighbours decided anytime is good for playtime! Want to find out more? See what Emma, Jackson and Mahak are up to. Plus a special bonus!

Unfortunately, Amazon KDP was a little slow in the review and because of some technical glitch, Interludes wasn’t out exactly in time to meet my release date, but no matter.  Next time I’ll get it to them with more time to spare.  I have no complaints by being self-published by KDP, and even if I did, this is not the time nor place to air them.

One Year Ago…

So, while I was pushing that little publish button, I couldn’t help but notice that it’s been over ONE YEAR since  MAKING FRIENDS  was released.   September 6, to be exact.  Where did

Making Friends  Husbands & Wives, Book 1

Making Friends
Husbands & Wives, Book 1

the time go?!

Making Friends was the first book in a planned trilogy about a happily married couple who moves to a new neighbourhood and quickly discover the neighbours on the street are a little friendlier, a little more welcoming than what they were used to in their old neighbourhood.

(Psst – they’re swingers, in case you didn’t already know)

What’s a nice girl like me writing about the swinging scene, you ask?

Well, it’s not technically a scene in my books.  It’s sort of a contained group of swingers.  No one is venturing outside this little group of neighbours…

Actually, Melissa and Mahak did in MELISSA and quite enjoyed themselves, so who knows who else might get extra adventurous!

I came up with the idea of a set of swinging neighbours a long time ago.  And no, it’s not based on my own friendly neighbourhood, even though we are quite friendly!  It gives me a good giggle thinking who would be who though!  (Mr. D would be Mahak for sure!!!)  I came up with an idea for a novel about a couple who faces the same situation as Jacey and Dominic – do they need extra excitement in their marriage?  I called it The Key Party and I managed to write about 200 pages before I was stumped with how to continue.  Same characters but the sex in this one took place behind closed doors.

Then came the Fifty Shades juggernaut and my epiphany – Hey, maybe I can write this dirty stuff, too!  So I dusted off The Key Party, opened the doors to the bedroom, and my life as a writer of erotica began!  Soon I had the first three books in my Husbands and Wives trilogy – Making Friends, The Wives and The Husbands and became a self-published author.

And then people started reading them.

And then I got some fans; readers who told me they loved the series and asked when would the next book be out.

And then I started wondering about the other characters – not just Jacey – and wanted to tell their stories.

So I wrote 2 short stories – Melissa and Paige – before continuing the tale of my naughty neighbours with New Neighbours.

Now I’m trying my hand at more short stories, told from the Point of View of different characters.  These will be spread out over 3 books and many of them connected in some way.  Just like a Tia’s – everyone will get a turn!

This has been such a fun year writing about my Husbands and Wives.  I have at least one more novel left to write – the continuation of Joe and Jacey’s story.  After that…I’m not sure what will happen my happy bunch of swingers!

But not to worry.  I’l got another batch of stories coming out soon – Lost Weekends.   A special preview will be included in Interludes III, available September 30!  And Interludes II will be available next week, September 23!

So until then, enjoy my Husbands and Wives books with your own if you are so fortunate, or by yourself!!

Anna xo



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FREE! FREE! FREE! Husbands and Wives (books, not actual husbands and wives!)

Melissa likes to kiss and tell and REALLY wanted to tell about what happened on Valentine's Day!

Melissa likes to kiss and tell and REALLY wanted to tell about what happened on Valentine’s Day!

Paige has a blast from her past when she goes on a job interview

Paige has a blast from her past when she goes on a job interview

Can’t wait to find out more about my naughty neighbours?  Check out my stories about Melissa and Paige – FREE – for a limited time for your Kindle!

PrintAnd don’t forget – the next installment of the comings and goings of the neighbours of Honeysuckle Court – INTERLUDES – is available tomorrow!!!  September 16 – Amazon!

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Do you know what gets me excited?

anna imageTelling more stories about my folks on Honeysuckle Court!

and lots of others things, which I may, or may not reveal to you!!! 😉

Writing my Husbands and Wives series gets me excited

you have no idea!

So…I recently announced I had 3 new stories about everyone’s favourite neighbours coming out soon.  And since I’ve had so much fun discovering more about Emma, Wendy and the others, I’ve decided to elaborate a little!  I’ve decided EVERYONE gets a story!!!!

Want to see what’s going on with ALL the neighbours?

See what’s coming up!

Interludes I

EmmaFind out what happened with Emma and Mahak that night at Tia’s

WendyWendy and Jackson and Jacey and Dominic try out the new hot tub

ColinColin sneaks a peak at the sexy shenanigans next door

*plus a special bonus

Interludes II

Mahak, Nathan & Jackson

Interludes III

Tia, Dominic & Joe


Check back tomorrow for the COVER REVEAL of all three new books from Anna Ellis!


Until my Interludes series is available, don’t forget about…


Melissa likes to kiss and tell and REALLY wanted to tell about what happened on Valentine's Day!

Melissa likes to kiss and tell and REALLY wanted to tell about what happened on Valentine’s Day!

Paige has a blast from her past when she goes on a job interview

Paige has a blast from her past when she goes on a job interview



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Husbands and Wives – From the Husbands’ POV?

Hello my lovelies!!

I’ve decided I need to keep in touch more.  So you’ll be hearing from me a little more frequently now on!

Yes, I will still be releasing 3 new Husbands and Wives stories soon!  I’ll have a cover release at the beginning of September.  Can’t wait?  Neither can I!  I can’t wait until you get to read about Wendy and …who?  I’ll keep that a secret for today.  🙂  But you’ll get to find out about Emma and Mahak and lots of tidbits about the mystery mistress, Tia.  Hope you’ll like it!!!


Like I said, I’ve been busy.  There will be another full-length Husbands and Wives book to come this fall.  Details will be coming.  But in the meantime, there are a few other stories I’ve been thinking I want to explore – such as this relationship with the neighbours from a Husband’s point of view.

What do you think?  Might this be something you’d like to read about? 

And then today I’ve noticed I got a few nice reviews on my books on Amazon, and the nice gentleman who wrote it said he’d be interested in the very same thing.



I wanted to check with you – my lovely, loyal readers.  Interested in hearing things from a man’s point of view?  I was thinking about a story from Dominic, Nathan and Joe’s point of view?  Or Jackson?  Colin? Or maybe Mahak?  Who would you most want to hear about?


Would love to hear from you!!!

Anna xo