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Blogging A-Z – New ‘U’ words for you!


Blogging A-Z – April 24: U – New ‘U’ words for You

from The Phrontistry

Blogging A-Z Challenge may be nearing it’s conclusion, and while it’s been a fun and learning experience for me, the worst is upon me. U. X. Y. Z.  I’m at a loss right now…

But I figured out U. Here’s are some fun and funky words that I came across, beginning with U. For you 🙂

ucalegon – neighbour whose house is on fire

uliginous – slimy; oozy; swampy; growing in a swampy place

ulotrichous – having woolly hair

ultion – revenge, vengeance

umbel – a mass of flowers springing from a single centre

umbilicanimism – looking to the navel in search of enlightenment (omphaloskepsis)

Hope this helps you in Scrabble!!!