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New Book News!!

I’m excited! 

No Vacancy is available to pre-order now!!!


I’m so happy with this series because I get to bring back favourite characters from my earlier series! And this time around, there are lots of old faces, as well as new couple!

**Watch for more from Gemma & Jasper** Hint hint. New series.


Sexy, fiftysomething Morena thought she had left her swinging lifestyle behind when she bought Fallen Gardens in rural Nova Scotia. But it turns out her past is the best thing for business!

It’s Christmas at Mrs. Robinson’s and Morena has no more room at the inn. Old favourites return for the holidays, as well as new friends.
Gemma and Jasper are happily married with an exciting love life, but Gemma is worried the excitement won’t last forever. She books them for a weekend at Mrs. Robinson’s to try something – someone – new. But Gemma’s at a loss once they get there. Luckily, Jacey and Dominic are also visiting that weekend, and Jacey’s happy to take the couple under her wing.

Morena is enjoying her relationship with younger man Jed, but when an old friend of Jed’s visits, Morena wonders if it’s time to take things to the next step – to find someone new to join them in the bedroom.

Before Elizabeth, Lorde kept things sexy and simple in his love life. But nothing prepared him for living with Elizabeth and her ever-increasing appetite for excitement, especially not her request to meet some of the guests at Morena’s swinger weekend. Can Lorde handle seeing Elizabeth with someone new – and can he trust himself?

Merry Christmas from Mrs. Robinson!


Pre-order your copy now!!









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Release day for Late Checkout!!

Adults Only

First we had Jacey and Dominic from Husbands and Wives took a break from their naughty neighbours to visit

                              Then Callie from Office Plays came to play

                              Finally it’s Iliya’s, from the Touch series, turn to meet Morena and Lorde!

 Late Checkout is available now!

Iliya has done everything she can to get over Del and Kenna. She’s moved in with William, let him dictate who she sees, what she wears…who she plays with… but it’s not working. She agrees with William that a weekend away at Mrs. Robinson’s B & Be for swingers might be the perfect thing for her, and lets him pack her things.
But Iliya didn’t know about the history between William and the owner of the B & B, the sexy fiftysomething Morena. And she doesn’t find out until they arrive.
Morena’s done everything she could to get ready for William’s arrival – new pillows, new haircut, tried to find a new relationship, but nothing can prepare her when her past meets her future. William is under her roof and Morena can’t help but wonder what it would be like if he stayed.
Lorde is also wondering how he got Elizabeth under his roof – and what he’s supposed to do with her kids. Fatherhood is new for him, but he’s giving it his best shot. But what’s really confusing him is how the Elizabeth sharing his bed seems a little more adventurous than the Elizabeth he gave his heart to all those years ago.
Not that he’s complaining.
It’s another swinging weekend at Mrs. Robinson’s!

Get your copy today! 

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Get ready for New Adults Only!

Late Checkout

It’s Iliya (from Touch series) turn to visit Mrs. Robinson’s and she’s going to learn more about William than she ever wanted to.

pre-order your copy now!


The first two books in the series are now only 99 cents!





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New Release!! Room Service is out!

Room Service is available now! Get Book Two in the Adults Only series today!

Mrs. Robinson’s is open for business again!

Callie is sick of being heartbroken and is ready for some excitement. Mrs. Robinson’s B&B is the place to be! Along with Jason and Sadie, Callie heads to rural Nova Scotia for a weekend of fun. She meets Morena, the sexy fiftysomething who runs the place, and Lorde, the sexy handyman who’s nursing his own broken heart. 

But it’s Lucas who threatens to take her mind off anyone else. 


If you’ve missed Shared Accommodations, it’s only 99 cents for a limited time!! 

Ready for a wild weekend?
Jacey and Dominic, the happily married couple at the centre of the Husbands and Wives, are back in the first book of this new series from Anna Ellis, Adults Only.
Jacey and Dominic are happy with their circle of swingers, but Jacey is always looking for extra excitement and new experiences. They leave their naughty neighbours at home for and head to Mrs. Robinson’s B &B for swingers for two nights of parties in the hot tub and private cabins in the woods, all with brand new friends. 
They meet Morena, aka Mrs. Robinson, the sexy fiftysomething who counts Tia as part of her infamous past. And Michael Lorde, her hot handyman with a love story of his own catches Jacey’s eye. 

Are you ready to head out with Jacey and Dom for an Adults Only weekend?

The third book, Late Checkout coming soon!!

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Pre-order Room Service Today!!

Callie Champlain from Office Plays is back in the second book in the Adults Only series!

Pre-order your copy now!


Adults Only

“Nestled on the shores of the Bay of Fundy in
picturesque Nova Scotia, Mrs. Robinson’s Bed and Breakfast
is the perfect spot to relax, to be refreshed and to reflect
on the adventure of life.”

“Office hook-ups aren’t cutting it. I need a new adventure.” Callie Champlain, Room Service

Callie from Office Plays is back!

This time she’s nursing a broken heart. What better idea than to take a trip to Mrs. Robinson’s B & B for a weekend? She’s planning on having some fun, meeting new people and if she learns something about the swinger life, than even better!
Morena and friends are happy to give Callie a some pointers, but it’s Lucas, one of the guests, who ends up teaching Callie a few things about mending her broken heart.

Available Feb. 27 but order your copy today!

Have you spent a weekend at Mrs.Robinson’s? Check out the first book in the series, Shared Accommodations! 

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Week Five of my Goddess FishTour!

Today on tour I stopped by Lock That Door!   Instead of more info about me, you can get to know Callie Champlain, who you’ve met in Office Plays and who will be in my next Adults Only book, Room Service (coming soon!) Callie is one of my favourite characters and I hope you learn to love her as much as I do, because you’ll be hearing a lot from her in Room Service!


Character Interview with Callie Champlain – Room Service, Office Plays

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

Well, right now, I’m looking forward to heading to Nova Scotia. There’s a bed and breakfast there that caters to more adventurous adults and I’m due there next weekend! Should be fun! Other than that, my travels take me to places where there’s warm weather, beaches with hot boys and lots and lots of fruity cocktails!

What do you think makes a good story?

Steamy romance and great sex!

Tell us about your family.

My family. What do I say about my family? First of all, my father would have preferred me to be a boy. He really had no idea how to raise a daughter, especially my mother left. I was twelve when she took off. Not a great time to be motherless. But my dad did the best he could, and my brothers helped. They were the ones who told me about sex, which probably explains a lot.


I’ve been told that I act more like a man than a woman when it comes to relationships. Or maybe the reason I don’t have relationships. I don’t see the point, since you always end up hurting someone. Or yourself. Anyway, I’m sure my brothers weren’t the best example. Or my mother, the little I knew of her.

What was the scariest moment of your life?

Until last year, the scariest moment was realizing my mom had left me behind, and wasn’t coming back. But telling Michael I loved him beat that out.

Neither turned out well.

What group did you hang out with in high school?

I was a cheerleader in high school, can you believe it? So, I guess I hung with the popular kids, the football players, and the mean girls. They were mean, too. I tried not to be, but I’m sure I had my moments.

Do you play any sports?

Ha! Is sex a sport?

Honestly, is it?

If you could apologize to someone in your past, who would it be?

Robby Hughes. I was not very nice to him when he asked me to prom. But I friended him on Facebook a couple years ago, and the years have been very good to him. That saying about the geeks ruling the world is totally true! I wouldn’t mind a face-to-face with Robby to really make it up to him. 😉

Who should play you in a film?

Ooh, good question!  We played this at work one day – who would play up in the sitcom version, but film is better. I’d love to say Margot Robbie because I think she could handle my sass, but there’s really not enough of her to handle all of me.  Maybe Sofia Vergara, if she was a blonde.

What would we find under your bed?

(She gives a ribald laugh)

A man? At least something he’s left behind. Whoever he may be.


Meet Callie and the other excitable office workers in Office Plays and Secrets and Lies

And get to know her even more in Room Service, the second book in the new Adults Only series. Available early 2018



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New Book! New Series!!

Pre-order your copy of

Shared Accommodations!

Adults Only
Nestled on the shores of the Bay of Fundy in
picturesque Nova Scotia, Mrs. Robinson’s Bed and Breakfast
is the perfect spot to relax, to be refreshed and to reflect
on the adventure of life.”

“I usually end up getting excited when I reflect on our adventures,” Jacey said.

Jacey and Dominic are back! 

The happily married couple at the centre of the swinging series, Husbands and Wives are back in the first book of this new series from Anna Ellis, Adults Only.

In Shared Accommodations, Jacey and Dominic leave their naughty neighbours at home when they visit Mrs. Robinson’s B & B for the weekend. They meet Morena, aka Mrs. Robinson, a sexy fiftysomething who counts Tia as part of her past and is always ready for some excitement in rural Nova Scotia. And Michael Lorde, her hot handyman with a love story of his own.

Are you ready to head out with Jacey and Dom for an Adults Only weekend?

Pre-order your copy now.

Available October 17

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Do steamy romance books need sexy covers?

I had a book delivery today. Thanks, Indigo!

It spent the day lying face down on the table, so my kids wouldn’t comment on the delicious tummy of the model.

One of my daughters would be a little too interested. The other would be mortified since she doesn’t even like it when the dancers on DWTS take off their shirts. (Not sure how she’s my daughter!) And my son would demand to know why I’m reading a book like that.

Do steamy romances need sexy covers?

You know the covers – the ones with the model with the rock hard abs or perky little bums half covered with a lacy pair of panties? Half naked couple caught in a heated embrace?

Do I need to have covers like that?

When I began publishing, I wanted a different look for my books. The Husbands and Wives series wasn’t part of the BDSM juggernaut sweeping the publishing world after Fifty Shades. My books were a fun story of a couple enjoying other couples – no angst, no dominating Doms. Just sex. Sex between married couples. Swingers. They were different than what was out there and I wanted a different look for them.

Plus, I’m a mom. Anna Ellis is my pen name. My kids know I write a more ‘adult romance’ but they know not to ask too many questions about it. It’s not that I’m embarrassed about what I write – I’m quite proud of it – and I have every intention of telling them exactly what I write when they’re older. But right now I’d like to spare them from any comments from immature teenage friends. Hormones, you know? Some might be a little too interested and the series is for mature readers! So it’s best to keep all things Anna quiet around the house.

I wanted to make my book stand out from the hard abs and tight tushies (which are lovely, btw!)

Husbands and Wives covers showed simple silhouettes and a variety of colours (for the variety of partners!)

I love the covers and I’m grateful to my designer Donna Chabot for her help with them. I’ve revamped a few of my Holly covers over the years but I’m in no hurry to do that with Husbands and Wives. I went a little more risqué with my Office Plays and Touch covers but not enough to be embarrassed to have the books lying around the house!

For my new series, I went back to the original, non-sexy ideas for covers.  The setting of Adults Only is a country inn. I hope these covers make you want to visit.

coming October 2017

Look for in January 2018

Finish the series on March 2018











New Series – Adults Only

Mrs. Robinson’s Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place to relax for the weekend. Enjoy the country atmosphere of rural Nova Scotia. Meet new friends.

Enjoy new friends.

Adults only.

Shared Accommodations:

Morena Robinson isn’t what you expect from the owner of a country inn. She has more secrets than the US government and a past that surpasses any of her younger visitors. Michael Lorde is her sexy right-hand man who is tormented by a lost love. Together they welcome guests to the B &B and do what they can to make their stay a memorable one.

Jacey and Dominic love their swinging lifestyle with their neighbours but decide they want a new experience for their weekend away. Something exciting.

And that’s exactly what they get at Mrs. Robinson’s.

Room Service

There isn’t much Callie Champlain won’t try. So when she hears about a B & B for adults, she decides the idyllic countryside would be a perfect place for a weekend of relaxation.

But Callie doesn’t get much rest when she meets Michael Lorde.

Late Check-Out

Iliya is still reeling from the breakup of her marriage to Del. She needs to get away, meet new people. Get her groove back.

Mrs. Robinson’s B & B is the perfect place for that.

Pre-order your copy of the first book in the Adults Only series, Shared Accommodations next week!