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Vacation time!

Do you know how good it feels to read through something you’ve written and realize that it’s some good shit?!

I had one of those moments this morning. I’m hoping there will be more of them.

Four weeks living by the water, with the sound of wind rustling through the trees and the waves crashing onto the shore should inspire me. Let’s hope, because there’s books to be written!!


Get to Know Me

I like making connections with my readers so here’s 21 Questions to get to know me a little better


1. Are you named after anyone? Anna Ellis is my pen name, so yes! Anna is for the amazingly awesome chick who inspired me to write dirty books. Ellis is close to my grandmother’s maiden name, which is kind of odd, considering what I write…

2. When was the last time you cried? Happy cry? When Dory found her parents. And a little when Jon Snow and Sansa hugged

3. Do you have kids? Yep

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I think so! I think I’m cool, which probably means I’m not! But I’m definitely a good friend to have. But I might put you in one of my books…

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Yes, but sometimes people don’t get it, so I don’t think I’m doing it right!

bungee6. Will you ever bungee-jump? Sign me up!

7. What’s your favorite cereal? Froot Loops although I have a weird craving for Sugar Crisp

8. What’s the first thing you notice about people? If they are smiling, whether they look upset

9. What is your eye colour? Green

10. Scary movie or happy endings? Happy

11. Favorite smells? apples, MAC lipstick, the way it smells after it rains, men with the perfect amount of cologne

12. Summer or winter? summer. Spring, actually, but I like it warm

13. Computer or television? Both? I need the computer for work but I don’t like watching t.v on it.

14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Rome? Or Venice. I need to look at a map

15. Do you have any special talents? Lots. A few that aren’t mentionable here…

16. Where were you born? Canada

17. What are your hobbies? music, movies, hanging with friends

IMG_402918. Do you have any pets? I have a dragon. I am the mother of dragons! He’s just a bearded dragon, but still!!

19. Favorite movie? Impossible to pick one…Empire Fights Back always makes the list, so I’ll use that

20. Do you have any siblings? yep

21. What do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t want to grow up!!


Anything else you want to know about me?

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Playlist Shuffle Game – A Lyrical Poem

I am no poet, and apparently not even my playlist shuffle makes a good one!

But it was fun to try – give it a shot! I tag anyone and everyone!

ipod shuffle game








Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor.

For a second there I felt peace and calm

I felt it

Dear blank, I’m sorry I blanked your blank

Well something got me shaking

Dark in the city, night is a wire

I’m sick of picking the pieces

Something in the moonlight catches my eye

We-hell-I see them every night in tight blue jeans –

Spaceman, oh spaceman!
Come rescue me from this!


This is where the lines came from:

Need you now – Lady Antebellum

Come to Light – Arkells

Longshot – Kelly Clarkson

Dear Blank – Hedley

Crazy all my Life – Daniel Powter

Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran

Little of Your Time – Maroon 5

Heart and Soul – T’Pau

She Bop – Cyndi Lauper

Spaceman – Biff Naked

Other than the She Bop And Dear Blank lines, it’s not tooo bad…



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Get to know Me!

anna imageHey there!

I’ve gotten lots of new followers this week and I’m really excited about that!!  So I thought I’d let you get to know me a little!


Main thing you want to know if you’re visiting my site for the first time:  I’m an author.  I love to write, I love my readers and I love interacting with my readers!  I write a series of erotic romance books about a group of happily married couples who find a little extra excitement with their nrighbours.  My Husbands and Wives series may be coming to an end, but never fear – I’ve got lots of plans for the next series!!  How many of you work in an office?! 😉

Along with my ‘dirty’ books, I also write not-as-steamy- novels under the name Holly Kerr.

I found a couple of get-to-know you questionnaires on-line and I mixed them up to find questions I wanted to answer!!  Feel free to let me about yourself in the links!! xo


About me:

Favourite salty snack: Miss Vicki’s Balsamic and Sweet Onion potato chips

Song I love to dance to: anything – I love to dance!

Vegetable I hate: onion

If I could have a drink from someone from history – Henry VIII – to see what the fuss was about.  Of course I might end up married to him, or beheaded – or both!!

Worst physical pain: tore my hamstring.  ouch.  Almost threw up, passed out, and I cried.  It was a bad night!

What makes you laugh: something unexpected.  I love comments people make during a conversation when you’re not expecting something funny or inappropriate to come out of theirchris pratt mouths and you almost pee yourself laughing.  Laughing is a huge turn-on for me and I love someone who makes me laugh!!

Who taught me to cook: my daddy

What colour underwear am I wearing right now: green with purple lace trim.  I don’t do tightie-whities (or thongs, FYI!)

kirk cameronFavourite celebrity as a child:  this will age me! I don’t have just one – Kirk Cameron, Michael Jackson and the boys from the Goonies!

What word describes me: happy.  I love my life!  If you’re not happy, do something to fix it!

Do I love or hate rollercoasters:  I love them but my body has started to rebel and I get dizzy/nauseas when I go on too many.  But I still love them

My dream sandwich:  rye bread, salami, summer sausage, provolone cheese and a leaf of lettuce

Favourite cartoon growing up – Jem and and Holograms. Or the Smurfs

Coolest thing I’ve been for Halloween.  I have lots of good memories from Halloween but a few of my favs have been when my university roommate dressed me up as a pumpkin to take me trick or treating (we were 22), when I dressed up as a spice rack (names of spices taped to my body) and my Princess Leia costume!  (no not the gold bikini one!)





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Husbands and Wives – From the Husbands’ POV?

Hello my lovelies!!

I’ve decided I need to keep in touch more.  So you’ll be hearing from me a little more frequently now on!

Yes, I will still be releasing 3 new Husbands and Wives stories soon!  I’ll have a cover release at the beginning of September.  Can’t wait?  Neither can I!  I can’t wait until you get to read about Wendy and …who?  I’ll keep that a secret for today.  🙂  But you’ll get to find out about Emma and Mahak and lots of tidbits about the mystery mistress, Tia.  Hope you’ll like it!!!


Like I said, I’ve been busy.  There will be another full-length Husbands and Wives book to come this fall.  Details will be coming.  But in the meantime, there are a few other stories I’ve been thinking I want to explore – such as this relationship with the neighbours from a Husband’s point of view.

What do you think?  Might this be something you’d like to read about? 

And then today I’ve noticed I got a few nice reviews on my books on Amazon, and the nice gentleman who wrote it said he’d be interested in the very same thing.



I wanted to check with you – my lovely, loyal readers.  Interested in hearing things from a man’s point of view?  I was thinking about a story from Dominic, Nathan and Joe’s point of view?  Or Jackson?  Colin? Or maybe Mahak?  Who would you most want to hear about?


Would love to hear from you!!!

Anna xo


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Sunbathing in the Nude?

What if you had a neighbour like this?!!

sunbather has caused a traffic pile-up after her naked bottom distracted drivers.

The woman was basking nude on a ledge in the Austrian capital of Vienna, with her legs dangling out of a third floor window.

Student Gregory Shakaki, who took the picture, told Central European News: “I thought I was suffering sunstroke when I saw it.”

naked sunbather

Catching some rays: The sunbather dangled precariously from a third floor window 
Motorist Michael Kienast told local media: “I was behind two guys who had a fender bender because the motorists in front took their eyes off the road to glance up at the view. The young woman was obviously keen on getting some sun in a place where it doesn’t usually shine.

“I heard the guy who was rear-ended shout to the motorist who had hit him: ‘Didn’t you look where you were supposed to be going?’

from Huffington Post

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4 erotic books you should read instead of Fifty Shades

special repost from LAWeekly Blogs

4 Erotic Books You Should Read Instead of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’



Mon, May 14, 2012 at 9:00 PM


Not exactly Shakespeare.

  • Not exactly Shakespeare.

You may have heard of this book that media pundits and housewives alike are gushing about on camera and at brunch while trying not to squirm in their seats. It’s called “Fifty Shades of Grey” and was written by an English housewife whose obsession with “Twilight” led her to create an irritatingly similar storyline and publish it as an amateur e-book.

The only differences being no vampires, no glitter, lots of bondage, and far too much fantastical fucking.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is bubble gum for your brain and an absolutely mindless read, but if you can ignore the 4th-grade writing level and excruciatingly painful character development you might actually get your panties wet.

Listen to this discussion of how “Fifty Shades of Grey” has swept the nation on “Between the Sheets With Lora Somoza” for more details!

The book desperately holds onto antiquated ideals of virginity, purity and innocence while forcefully — and lubelessly — pounding such taboo sexual concepts as spanking, suspension and period sex into readers’ minds. It’s a real mind-fuck and by the end of it you’re either panting waiting to get your paws on the sequel (it’s a trilogy — hooray?) or desperately trying to piece together the remnants of your tattered, tortured brain.

But I will not deny the positive effects that this hastily edited erotic novel has had on society. Much of the country had never been exposed to the idea of sexual activity other than missionary and the forbidden doggy style, and merely opening a dialog discussing sex, BDSM and safe words has been enough to change the sex lives of men, women and married couples for life.

Some women have written to author E. L. James simply to share that since finishing the book, they’ve had sex with their husbands more times in one week than they’d had in years. And I don’t care if the writing is Pulitzer-worthy or from the mind of a mental case, any $10 e-book that can help repair a failing sex life that fast is one I’ll recommend to the masses.

Riveting reading. Not.
  • Riveting reading. Not.

But I urge readers to keep in mind that what they’re absorbing into their brains is not reality. The floggers, restraints and silk bedding the main characters use are absolutely real and can be purchased online. But the instant sexual satisfaction, immediate effortless orgasms, unsteady sub/dom relationship, and the mind-numbing mixed messages that the two blast at each other exist only for dramatic effect.

Any virgins waiting to be swept up by a sexual pro only to be deflowered with a hard fuck that leads to explosive orgasms each and every time are setting themselves up for disappointment. And the extent to which the author goes to barely scratch the BDSM surface while casting judgment on the lifestyle using the innocent main character as a mouthpiece is infuriating at the very least.

So please please please read “Fifty Shades of Grey” for inspiration and titillation, but by no means use it as a manual or guidebook to figuring out whether or not bondage and dom/sub relationships might be your bag.

The closest you’ll get to discovering your endurance for torture and pain is seeing how many chapters you make it through before wanting to bang your head against the wall or start touching yourself in your private area.

But if you’re way beyond the “Fifty Shades” trend and looking for something different to satiate your hunger for literary porn, here are four books I suggest you take to bed tonight. Just be prepared to make a mess.

1. “The Classic Erotic Trilogy of Sleeping Beauty” by A. N. Roquelaure (aka Anne Rice)

Now this is a trilogy to sink your labia into. Rice, who writes these erotic folktales under a romantic pseudonym, tells of a lovely young princess under a nasty spell that can only be broken by the kiss of a prince. But not really…because what this prince does to her goes way beyond the Disney definition of rescue. And quite honestly there’s no other way I’d want to be awoken from a deep sleep.

2. “The Leather Daddy and the Femme” by Carol A. Queen

The female protagonist in this book is into macho leather daddies and the only way she can get her fill is to dress and disguise herself as a boy — but not always successfully. Yet when she meets her “daddy” her life truly begins and the well-written (thank goodness) prose describes a loving relationship while being sure not to skimp on the sexy stuff. This one will make you think.

3. “Tasting Her: Oral Sex Stories” by Rachel Kramer Bussel

“Fifty Shades of Grey” was noticeably void of pussy-eating, and every male dom knows that cunnilingus is the key to melting his female sub into a puddle of ultimate surrender. That’s why this unabashed and intoxicating series of oral sex stories should offer a bit of spice to your bookshelf — and bedroom.

She found her "O".
  • She found her “O”.

4. “The Story of O” by Pauline Reage

It’s a classic coming of age story with an erotic twist as the reader follows the female protagonist’s awakening into the world of sexual submission. The main character is 100 shades more likeable than anything you’ll read in the “Fifty Shades” trilogy, and the unique direction this novel takes with the topic of BDSM is thoughtful while still being sexy.