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RIP Jackie Collins

jackie-collinsI was saddened to learn of the death of author Jackie Collins last week. She passed away after losing her struggle with breast cancer.

While readers have been saddened by deaths of other prolific writers over the past little while (Colleen McCullough, Terry Pratchett and Tom Clancy to name a few), losing Jackie Collins hit me the hardest, so much that I find myself taking to my blog to post about her.

“Sexy, scandalous and seductive!”

I first discovered the novels of Jackie Collins when I was a teenager. And what an awakening that was!

Collins’ wrote about organized crime and Hollywood heartbreak, all of which were light years away from my small-town upbringing. I devoured her books, reading every one I could get my hands on, thrilled by her descriptions of the rich and famous and agog by all the sex scenes! While there is A LOT of sex in Collins’ novels, the scenes aren’t as descriptive as some books out there. It’s not erotica; wasn’t even close. It’s smut – down and dirty smut and Jackie Collins sold a lot of books writing about it.

Her first book The World is Full of Married Men was published in 1968 and called ‘nasty, filthy and disgusting’ by bestselling romance novelist Barbara Cartland. She announced that Collins’ ‘created every pervert in Britain.’jackie-collins-quote

What a way to create a bestseller!

I wonder what Barbara Cartland would have thought of E.L James?

Married Men was banned in Australia and South Africa but it’s notoriety only increased sales in the US and UK. This led to over twenty bestsellers and 500 million books in print.  Her final novel was The Santangelos, a conclusion to the series of novels she began in 1981 with Chances. 

There are too many of her novels to list but here are a few of my favourites.

rock star lucky lovers and gam hollywood husbands










jackie collins 2They are pure entertainment; nothing literary about them.

It’s been a while since I’ve read one of her new books, but I have copies of many on my shelves.  My mother gives them to me! Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll be reading them soon! I need to catch up on the lives of the rich and famous, real people thinly disguised as fictional characters, and as a way to say good bye to the author who inspired so many. She taught me that books are entertainment, and should be fun to read. And making them sexy doesn’t hurt either!

RIP Jackie Collins.

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A Little About Me – Ultimate Book Tag

A Little About Me…

Let’s try this and see how it goes.  I found this Ultimate Book Tag on mylittlebookblog.

Do you get sick from reading in the car?

Yes! I can’t even read an email without getting a headache. 😦

Which author’s style is completely foreign to you?

Harry Potter or Twilight? Three points to defend your answer.

Harry Potter – Hermoine; Remus Lupin, no Edward Cullen!

Do you carry a book bag?

No but my purse is always big enough to carry a book

Do you smell your books?

Um…no.  Do you?

Books with illustrations?

no, they distract me!

Thinnest book on your shelf? Thickest?

thinnest – The Faerie Queen, a book of poems

thickest – The extended version of Stephen King’s The Stand

Do you write as well as read?

Yes! I may love writing more than reading

When did you get into reading?

As a kid, thanks to Little House on the Prairie and Judy Blume

Favourite classic book

Pride and Prejudice and Little Women

Was English your favourite subject in school?

Yes, until university and the most horrible English prof ever who turned me off!

If given a book you hated, you would…

Say thank you and stick it on the shelf. It’s the thought that counts

Favourite series similar to Harry Potter or Hunger Games

Red Rising by Pierce Brown is getting pretty good. There’s only 2 book so far but I’m hopeful! It’s Hunger Games mixed with Ender’s Game

Bad Habit while reading?

Turning down the pages in my books

Favourite word?

awesome!  See here

How often do you read out of your comfort zone?

Not often. Books are a comfort to me and there’s enough in life that takes me out of my happy place — why would I need books to do that too? I’m no literary snob!

Vampires or Fairies?

vampires, but not the sparkly kind! The Joss Whedon kind preferably!

Spirits or werewolves?

Werewolves, thanks to Kelley Armstrong

Shapeshifters or Angels?

not sure. Angels, I guess

Vampires or Zombies?

Vampires again. Much more sexier!

Love triangles or Forbidden love?

love triangles, especially if everyone is in it together! 😉

Full on romance, or with a little action thrown in? (Not the sexy action stuff!)

I like a little action. In more ways than one!