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A-Z Blogging Challenge

I’m not doing great at this challenge!  I’ve missed a couple of days—you’d think being stuck in quarantine would mean that I have lots of time for posting and other social media duties, but the fact is I have a book coming out in two weeks, with another close after, and there are a lot of little things I need to do about that.

I’ll try to make this more of a priority!

But in the meantime, here are a few posts all in one.






EDWARD JENNER: he was the first to develop a vaccine for smallpox, so we need to thank him for his brilliance and hope his spirit can help others discover a vaccine for this

KIDS – Everyone is going through this, but at least kids are young enough not to understand the full ramifications. And luckily, they’re the most resilient of the population, so they’re sure to bounce back, even with the schools.

LACK OF POLLUTION – The earth is finally able to take a deep breath, and I can’t help but be grateful for that. Have you seen the pictures of the sea turtles on the beaches? So wonderful!

MOTHERS – I put this in because it was my mother’s birthday a few days ago and I miss her like crazy. She and my dad are both high-risk so they’re being extremely careful, which means not letting me anywhere near her. I think that’s a good thing, but it’s still hard. xo



MISSING A PIECE IN A JIGSAW PUZZLE – It happened to me. I hope you never share my pain and frustration!

KISSING – I miss this. Even when you’re quarantined with the person, it’s not the same

LAST MINUTE PLANS – I was a spontaneous person before this; now I need to plan every outing like I’m going on a 10-day adventure trip!

MAKING LOVE – see kissing above. It can be done; it should be done, but is it being done enough?



JERKS – these sorts are what is going to keep this quarantine going longer

KILLING US – Enough said


MASKS – These are a godsend for the front-line workers, but seriously, have you worn one? With glasses? Maybe I’m selfish, and I’m definitely fortunate enough to not have to need one, but they are so not comfortable!!


So that is 4 posts in one!  Hope you don’t mind, and sorry to the Challenge gods if they catch me playing catch-up like this! Comment on anything you like!



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