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More of my Blog Tour – How to write those sexy bits!

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After a break for the holidays, my Blog Tour with Goddess Fish is back up and running. Two weeks ago I visited Words of Wisdom…from the Scarf Princess. Only I forgot to post about it!!

Here you go!

Drop by for a  chance to win a $50 gift certificate and here’s my take on how to write a steamy, sexy bit for your next book!

Author Spotlight on Anna Ellis (GIVEAWAY)

Readers stuck in the cold will welcome today’s guest author as she promises to warm us up with her scorching tales and sizzling storylines.  Keep reading to learn more about Anna Ellis, her method for writing her erotic scenes, and learn even more by visiting the other sites hosting this tour.  In honor of this talented author and her numerous erotically-charged romances make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $50 bookstore GC!

How to write a sex scene…

This is, of course, only my opinion. You, or your favourite author, may use other methods to produce those ear-marking- worthy sexy bits you love to re-read. While I don’t consider myself an expert on the subject, I have written my fair share of ‘dirty’ books. You can call them erotica, Mommy porn, smut – whichever you like. I prefer gentle erotica because while there is a lot of sex in my books, it’s not your whips and chains, tentacles sort of stuff.
Yes, there is stuff about tentacles out there. Also dinosaurs. But not in my books.
But just to prove I know what I’m talking about, my credentials include the over twenty-five novels/short stories I‘ve written in the past five years, from my first foray into the genre with my swinger book, Making Friends, to my latest attempt, also about swingers, Shared Accommodations. And just to prove I can write the dirty bits, I’ll share my very favourite review of one of my books. An Amazon reader posted this about The Wives: “This is perhaps THE most erotic books I have had the pleasure of reading from Anna Ellis. This ranks right up there with “The Husbands” I must say I read this novel with an erection the whole way!!!”
I’m pretty proud of that one!
So, with no further ado, or shameless self-promotion, here are my top tips on how to write a sex scene!
  • Know your characters.

At least one of them. It would be incredibly difficult to write a sex scene without understanding the personality of your character. Would the sweet, innocent girl-next-door really want to jump into a MMF threesome with the scary Alpha bikers? Sure, maybe she would, but let’s find out about that before it actually happens. For me, writing is all about finding out about the characters – what they want, what the need, what they’ve had in the past. Plus, would you want to read about two strangers having sex? That’s what on-line porn is for
  • Plot it out.

Even in erotica, people do not just drop and go at it at the dinner table. Events happen to lead to this wondrous coupling. Maybe they want to do the deed in the middle of the good china, but what happens to get them there? This is where the build-up, the sexual tension is so important.The sex needs to advance the story in some way, even if the character just has an itch that really needs to be scratched.
  • Treat it like an action scene.

It’s all about positioning. I remember writing a scene once and when I sent to my beta writer for comments, she came back with something like – “That position wouldn’t really be possible, and his hands shouldn’t go there.” Picture the scene. Would it be comfortable? Logistical? Hands, feet, fingers go where? In my other life, I write action-packed chick lit and writing the fight scenes is surprisingly a lot like writing sex scenes.
  • Use your senses and don’t forget the foreplay.

What does it smell like? Sounds, whether they are a very vocal partner or soft moans and whispers, are important. Describe what the characters are seeing. Taste, touch – what does it feel like when his fingers trace a pattern down your back? Let your readers enjoy themselves vicariously through your characters.
  • Be prepared to get aroused

Because really, if you’re not turned on even a little bit writing this stuff, your reader definitely isn’t going to be!

Author: hollykerrauthor

Author of chicklit novels, Unexpecting, Coming Home, Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder and The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

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