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Why I Write the Things I Write

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I was with friends this weekend and they watched me prepare myself for the release of Caress, Book 4 in the Touch series. They aren’t writers and don’t know the behind the scenes stuff that need to be done. Like always, they had questions about my writing. Because Book 4 is coming out tomorrow, I talked about the series and why I came to the conclusion that a trilogy should really be a nine-part series and why I would release three books almost at the same time.

FYI…I figured I made my readers wait long enough for the next installment about the sexy single Kenna and how she gets caught up in the complicated lives and unconventional loves of married couple Iliya and Del.

Foreplay is one thing, but I’ve found too much anticipation can lead to impatience and I didn’t want to make anyone wait any longer. So that’s why Caress is out tomorrow, Caress, Iliya’s Story will be available Aug 9 and Del’s Story will be coming to you Aug 16.

(You can pre-order any of the Caress books now. And the three Embrace books will be ready to pre-order Aug 23. Look for them in November)

But back to questions about writing.

I know this genre isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and so I’ve never been offended that only a few of my friends have read the Anna books. (Sidenote: quite a few of my friends have read my Holly Kerr books so please don’t think they aren’t supportive. I’m happy to have a very supportive circle of friends.)

So G and T may not have read any of my erotica, but have always expressed an interest in the process, G more than T.

G and T – gin and tonic. Not their real names of course!

G’s question was – why do I write the ‘sex stuff’?

First of all, I told him because it sells. Being a money guy, I thought he’d understand that. But it’s not the real reason. I write to entertain, to provoke a reaction from my readers. I want to make people laugh, care about my characters. And of course, I’m trying to turn them on.

I want to make my readers happy, with the hope that they will make others’ happy. And so on, and so on. I love hearing stories about couples reading my books together. My favourite review was from a gentleman who was pleased to report the level of arousal while he was reading on the Husbands and Wives books.

Reactions like that are why I write. Imaging the sexy bits is fun, exciting and ensures I keep an open mind about everything.

I love what I do. That’s why I do it.


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