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Delay for Del…but he’s worth the wait!

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One happily married couple + one single woman = More than one book to explain this love triangle!The first book in my new Touch series is available now!

Touch begins with the story of Kenna, a young divorced woman hiding from the world. But after a chance meeting with Iliya, things start to change for Kenna. She finds herself drawn to Iliya…as well as her husband, Del.

I started this series with the intention of writing three books, all from the point of view of Kenna. This was to be Kenna’s journey into the world of polyamory; of threesomes, unicorns and being in love with two people at the same time.

(Side note: I also started my Husbands and Wives series with the intention of it being a trilogy…5 books, 2 short stories and a collection of short stories later…)

Once I finished Touch, when I was about to begin the second novel in the series, Caress, I found myself thinking about Iliya and Del more than I should be. Similar to what Kenna was feeling, I’m sure! I wanted to know more about this happily married couple and their unconventional life together. I needed to tell their stories, only I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that. Touch was already finished, released to the public. Do I change the whole story to give Iliya and Del their say? Would Caress belong to Iliya, and the third book, Embrace, to Del. So many choices, so many decisions to be made.

In the end, I thought Kenna’s story needed to be told from start to finish. I didn’t want to cut it off after one book. So I gave all three characters their own book. There will be 3 Touch, 3 Caress and 3 Embrace. A little unconventional, I’m sure, but so is story I’m telling. And I apologize for the unoriginal titles but deciding on nine titles and covers instead of three was more difficult than writing the books!!

Touch (Book 2) Iliya’s Story tells about the heady few days when Iliya meets Kenna. But it also shows that the gorgeous, vivacious Iliya also has a dark side.

Touch (Book 3) Del’s Story is Del’s thoughts about sharing his bed with his wife and another woman. It deals with what happened with Amy, the woman who had been in love with both Del and Iliya

Caress (coming in April) will also be divided into three books, to give you more of this unconventional love story. Every side of the love triangle gets their story told.

Book two and three were intended to be released tomorrow, March 19. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered some last minute edits that need to be done and I’ve pushed the release date off a week.

(another side note – books, like albums are released, or dropped on Tuesdays. Not sure why…) 

PrintTouch – Book 2 and 3, will be available March 29. The Caress books are still on track for April 19. But if you REALLY need an Anna Ellis book tomorrow, then you’re in luck. Interludes – The Collection (includes all 3 Interludes books of short stories about the neighbours of the Husbands and Wives series) will be available in ebook and print! And new updates versions of the Interludes stories.

Every Neighbour has a story.

What’s yours?

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Anna xo


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Author of chicklit novels, Unexpecting, Coming Home, Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder and The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

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