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Blogging A-Z – The Wives

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Blogging A-Z Challenge: April 27 – W – The Wives

Book3 The WivesFour more days to go in the challenge!!

Today I’m throwing a bit of attention my way and posting about my novel, The Wives. It’s the third book in my Husbands and Wives series – an erotic series about a group of naughty neighbours who love their swinging lifestyle. Out of all my novels, I’ve had the most fun writing The Wives!  Threesomes, foursomes, sex in the car; plus as Jacey really begins to get into her extracurricular activities, she discovers her husband Dominic not only accepts what she’s doing with the other husbands (and the wives!) but really likes to hear about it! It’s chock full of sexy goodies!!

Available from Amazon.

Here’s my favourite review for The Wives (5 stars, FYI!!!)

This is perhaps THE most erotic books I have had the pleasure of reading from Anna Ellis. This ranks right up there with ” The Husbands” I must say I read this novel with an erection the whole way!!!

Here’s an excerpt:

 The Wives

This morning, I had a threesome.

It’s only been a few weeks since Dominic moved me kicking and screaming into the suburbs and onto Honeysuckle Court and already I’ve made friends – an unheard of phenomenon for me.  And not only have I made friends – I’ve fucked their husbands, too!

And then, this morning, I was invited over to Melissa’s for a little play time, because I just seem like that type of girl.

I don’t understand how I’ve ever given the impression I might be into something like that; the threesome scene.  Sure, there was once back in university where I made out with a girl but I had been really drunk and she had been really quick with her hands.  But I must have something about me that screams ‘adventurous’ and ‘willing to experiment’ because both Melissa and Mahak picked up on it, and thought it worth an invite.

Even though I hate to admit it, given the inconsistency of my relationship with Melissa – sometimes she annoys me; sometimes I let her go down on me – I thoroughly enjoyed myself this morning.  I enjoyed it so much I found myself agreeing to participate again at a later date.  This isn’t something for Tia’s.  It’s Mahak’s opinion we keep the little arrangement to ourselves, for whatever reason.

I’m fine with keeping it quiet, but I have to tell Dominic.

I wait until later that night, when the kids are asleep and we’re in bed.  And then I tell him everything that happened with Melissa and Mahak that morning.

“So, they just called you over?  You hadn’t…planned…this?” Dominic asks skeptically.

“No.  I had no idea.  I didn’t even think I’d…that I might want…you know…”

“That you’d want a threesome with the two of them?” he finishes for me.  “But you did.”

“I guess.”  Having sex with Mahak or Colin during one of Tia’s parties is one thing.  Everyone does it, which makes it sound like I’m some sort of kid justifying playing hooky from school with his buddies, but it’s true.  Tia has key parties.  It’s how the neighbours describe the evenings where they enjoy each other’s company.  Dom enjoys Wendy and Melissa and Paige and Tia, and I enjoy Colin and Mahak.  And Jackson, only I haven’t had a chance to fully enjoy him yet.  I engaged in a little dry humping on his couch one night when we were over there for dinner, but that was it.

I should be feeling guilty about this.  I am feeling guilty, but I should have more guilt.  I cheated on Dominic.  But when you look at it, we’re both involved in an arrangement where we are intimate with other people, so have I really cheated?  Have I just took our arrangement to another level and somehow left him out?  I should be consumed with guilt, only I’m not.  And so I feel guilty because I don’t feel as guilty as I should.

“Has anything ever happened between you and Melissa before?” he asks.  I’m amazed; Dominic doesn’t seem angry, just curious.  And slightly amused.

“No!  Never!  But she asked Tia about me, remember?  And Mahak…”  Now that I have opened up the can of true confessions, I better finish it off.  “The other morning…I was out walking Frodo and I saw him leaving for work…”

“Mahak?  And?” Dom prompted.

“And we kind of fooled around in his car,” I say in a rush.

“Really?  What exactly does ‘fool around’ mean?”

“Well,” I pick at a loose thread on the blanket, feeling my cheeks redden.  “He kind of went down on me.  In the car.  Frodo was in the back seat, so it wasn’t that bad…” I’m shocked into silence as Dom laughs.

“You’re serious?”

“Yes…I’m really sorry.  I didn’t mean to, it just happened!”

“Wow.”  I glance at Dominic, who is staring across the room, a stunned expression on his face. “You’re really getting into this whole thing.  Is it because of Mahak?  Are you…do you…?”

“No! It’s Melissa too, and Jackson that night we went to their place for dinner…” I trail off.  “It’s not just Mahak.  It’s not like I’m just interested in him.”

“No, sounds like you’re interested in everyone.  What’s this about Jackson?”

“We kind of fooled around when you and Wendy were putting the kids to bed,” I admit.  Again I’m shocked with Dominic laughs.

“So did me and Wendy,” he tells me.  “Well, she kissed me and grabbed my crotch.”

“And here I am feeling guilty!” I cry.  “You’re doing the same thing!”

“Once,” he corrects, holding a finger for emphasis.  “And it wasn’t in a car or with two of them.”

“That just happened!  I didn’t mean –”

“I think things just happen with these people,” Dominic muses.  “We need to make sure we’re okay with it.  I’m pretty sure you are.”

“I need to know you are,” I say, omitting my agreement with whether I’m okay with it.  It doesn’t seem right telling your husband you want to have sex with other people.  It doesn’t mean I love him any less.

“What was it like?” he asks, his voice noticeably thicker.  “With Mahak in the car.  Did you like it?”

“I…” I meet Dominic’s eyes and know in an instant he’s okay with things.  He seems somewhat excited by it, in fact.  “He pulled my pajama pants down.  I wasn’t wearing any underwear.  Then he sort of lifted me up and um, started kissing and licking me…there…”  Usually I’m pretty articulate when it came to describing my sexual exploits to Dom but not today.

“What was it like with Melissa?” he asks.

“Well – you know.  You know what she’s like.  They tied me to the bed.”

“We did that before.  You liked it.”

“I did.  And I liked it this time.  They tied me up and then Melissa started touching my breasts and Mahak had his hand between my legs, teasing me.”

Dominic reaches out and cups my breast.  “These breasts?  She touched them?”

“Yes.”  Dominic rubs his thumb over my nipple which springs to attention.  Just like the rest of me.  I’m not sure what I expected by telling Dominic, but I don’t think it was this.

“She put her mouth on your breasts?  Your nipples?  You liked it.”

“Yes.”  And I also never thought I’d want sex tonight, not after the intensity of the scene with Mahak and Melissa, but here I am, getting excited by my husband’s touch again.

I’m glad he makes me so excited.

Want some more? Check out The Wives, the third book in my Husbands and Wives series. Or start from the cover- H& W book 1beginning with Making Friends!

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