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Blogging A-Z – Husbands and Wives

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I’m participating in Blogging From A-Z Challenge in April – one blog post on every day in April (except Sundays!) Wish me luck!

April 9 – H: Husbands and Wives series

Here’s my little bit of self-promotion!

Anna Ellis writes about ordinary men and women who have an extraordinary amount of sex. In the Husbands and Wives series, a happily married couple move to a new neighbourhood of sexy swingers.

Husbands and Wives Series by Anna Ellis

Mature Content intended for those 18 and over due to sexual situations 

Fun, fictional tales about a group of naughty neighbours 

It’s time for you to visit the swinging suburbs!

5 Star Reviews!!

“This book is smoking hot – it’s so hot I’m surprised it didn’t blow up my kindle! Anna Ellis has taken many of a woman’s fantasy and actually turned it into a series that rocks! If you enjoy soaps, especially the trendier ones such as Desperate Housewives, you’re going to love this read.”

check out my Amazon page for links and for the full collection!

Husbands and Wives – The Collection


 Now all 5 Husbands and Wives books are in one collection!  Available as ebook and in print!


Book2The Husbands

Book3 The Wives


BookJ&J (1)









 Making Friends

When happily married couple Jacey and Dominic move into their new neighbourhood, they’re surprised at how friendly everyone is. Jacey wasn’t impressed moving out of the city to begin with, but she’s slowly won over by the wives on the street, as well as Joe, the resident handyman.
When they invite Jacey and Dominic to their Saturday night parties, they learn just how very close-knit group in the neighbourhood is. Do Jacey and Dominic really need extra excitement in their marriage?
And Jacey can’t help but wonder – will Joe be there?

available on Amazon Kindle

The Husbands

Jacey and Dominic have moved into their new neighbourhood and despite her best intentions to remain aloof, Jacey has become friends with the wives on the street. But these women share a kind of friendship Jacey has to get used to – they share everything…including their husbands!!

This arrangement will provide some extra excitement, but can Jacey and Dominic’s marriage handle it when Jacey begins to get to know The Husbands?

available on Amazon Kindle

The Wives

Jacey and Dominic’s arrangement with the neighbour is taken one step further when Jacey and the wives begin to get even closer…

available for Amazon Kindle

New Neighbours

Jacey and Dominic have an interesting relationship with their neighbours. Especially Jacey. She enjoys morning meetings with Mahak in his car, is contemplating letting Tia join her and Dominic some nights and then there’s her on-going fantasies about Joe. That’s in addition to the Saturday night key parties at Tia’s.
And now new neighbours have moved in. Will they be interested in joining the fun?

available for Amazon Kindle

Joe and Jacey

In the Husbands and Wives erotic romance series, Jacey and Dominic have enjoyed getting to know their neighbours, those sexy swingers of Honeysuckle Court. Their marriage has never been more exciting and both enjoy the relationships with the neighbours. Jacey cares about all of the husbands, but she’s always had a soft spot for Joe. Now that Joe and Jacey have finally made love, will this change things with the neighbours?

available for Amazon Kindle


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