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Blogging A-Z – My Favourite Character: Dominic

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! I’m participating in Blogging From A-Z Challenge in April – one blog post on every day in April (except Sundays!) I’m posting on my favourites! Wish me luck!

April 4 – D: Dominic Hess (from Husbands and Wives)

Dominic is my favourite male character from my Husbands and Wives series.  Happily married to Jacey, but not without their challenges, the couple have recently moved to the suburbs because of Dominic’s new teaching job.  Jacey’s almost genius-IQ and awkward social skills makes her a unique partner, but Dominic handles her quirks with good humour, even looking past her dalliance with his best friend. He’s funny, kind and considerate, and a great father to their two children.

Dominic Hess

Dominic Hess

Here’s how I image Dominic.

Dominic and Jacey are faced with a difficult choice when they meet the residents of Honeysuckle Court.  Thy discover their neighbours are swingers and have invited them to join in the fun! Monthly key parties, intimate dinner parties – it’s a whole new world to Dominic. He never knew neighbours like this before!

Once they agree to join the sexy swingers, a new world is opened up to Dominic as he begins to explore these relationships with their neighbours.  He accepts how Jacey is experimenting more than most with the husbands (and wives) on the street, and gives her his blessing to continue, on one condition – she tells him all about her exciting sexual adventures, which makes Dominic’s bedroom adventures with his own wife even more fun!

HusbandsWivesThe Husbands and Wives series tells about the adventures of Jacey and the other naughty neighbours of Honeysuckle Court. Beginning with Making Friends (free from Amazon April 5-9!), the tale continues with The Husbands, The Wives, New Neighbours until the concluding chapter, Joe and Jacey. (All five books now in one collection) Three Interludes books tell the stories from the other neighbours point of view, as does the short stories, Paige and Melissa.

Check out the Husbands and Wives series.

You’ve never met neighbours like this.

Or maybe you have!



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