Anna Ellis


Joe and Jacey is available now!!!


 Anna Ellis writes about ordinary men and women – usually married – who have an extraordinary amount of sex. In her Husbands and Wives series, a happily married couple move to a neighbourhood of sexy swingers.

intended for mature audiences, 18 + due to sexual situations

In Joe and Jacey, the fifth and final book in the series, Jacey has been having fun getting to know the husbands and wives on the street, but she’s always had a special connection to Joe. Now that Joe and Jacey have finally made love, does this mean things will change between the neighbours?

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 Just in time for Christmas

Available at

Author: hollykerrauthor

Author of chicklit novels, Unexpecting, Coming Home, Absinthe Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder and The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

2 thoughts on “Joe and Jacey is available now!!!

  1. I LOVED the Husband & Wives series…immensely!! I read them so fast I am sad to see the series end. I look forward to more series in the future.

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