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What Happens When I’m Writing a Book…

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The last few months have been pretty busy writing wise, which I’m so happy about.  Now that Lost Weekends has been released and Joe and Jacey is ready to go on Tuesday, I’ll take a breather and deal with the rest of my life and try and fix things…

5 Things that happen when I’m writing a book

1.Housework does not get done

It’s not like I force my family in live in a pig sty, and I’ve never been much of a Molly Maid, even when I was a maid!  That was when I was young and impressible and got to jump on the beds at the hotel I worked at when my boss wasn’t looking!  The bare minimum gets done so the house looks presentable but yesterday, I seriously found the breeding ground for all the dust bunnies in the neighbourhood under my bed.  If you’ll excuse me, I have to go vacuum now…

dreamers2. I don’t sleep much

Because for some reason I constantly wake up at 2 am with the most amazing idea/scene/character which doesn’t let me go back to sleep until 4!!  Or I wake up at 4 and plan out what I’m writing that day until 5, when I crawl out of bed and get to work.


3.  I’m distracted

So much that I have to keep asking my kids what they just said.  I know – bad mommy, but it’s hard to listen to them when my characters are talking too. I have to get it down before I forget what they said.

4. I come up with the best idea for another book

Case in point – while I was writing Joe and Jacey I came up with the premise for Office Plays!  It always happens

5. I’m really happy that I get to do this for a living

Best job ever!!!

What about it, fellow writers? Do you agree?

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