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Dirty Words to help you playing Scrabble!!

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taking a pause from writing about houghmagandy to bring you this


23 Obscure Dirty Words to Broaden Your Erotic Vocabulary

“Callypigian,” for example.


Whether you’re composing an elaborate sext or simply trying to up your Scrabble game, here are nearly two dozen beautiful, unusual sex-related words that never came up in health class.

Anasyrma [noun, Greek]: The act of lifting a skirt to expose the buttocks or genitals.

Baculum [noun, Latin]: The bone found in the penis of many animals.

Callypigian [adjective, Greek]: Having attractive buttocks.

Cuckquean [noun, Old English]: The opposite of a cuckold — a woman with an unfaithful husband.

Concupiscence [noun, Latin]: Strong sexual desire.

Depucelate [verb, French]: To take someone’s virginity.

Ecdysiast [noun, Greek]: A stripper.

Houghmagandy [noun, Scottish]: Fornication.

Irrumatio [noun, Latin]: Forced fellatio, or “face fucking.”

Maschalagnia [noun, Greek]: A fetish for armpits.

Natiform [adjective, Latin]: In the shape of buttocks.

Nullipara [noun, Latin]: A woman who has never given birth.

Olisbos [noun, Greek]: A dildo.

Onanism [noun, Latin]: Masturbation.

Oscular [adjective, Latin]: Related to kissing.

Palliardise [noun, French]: Fornication.

Pompoir [noun, French]: The practice of stimulating the penis with the internal muscles of the vagina.

Priapic [adjective, Latin]: Phallic.

Retrocopulation [noun]: Doggy-style sex.

Satyriasis [noun, Greek]: A man’s excessive sexual desire.

Scortation [noun, Latin]: Fornication.

Steatopygous [adjective, Greek and Latin]: Having fat buttocks.

Troilism [noun, French]: A threesome in which one party is strictly an observer.

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